After several deaths: UN stops grain distribution in 25 countries

After several deaths in East Africa, the UN world food programme (WFP) has stopped the distribution of a certain grain mixture. In the North-Eastern Region in Uganda, had died in March and April, three people and almost 300 medical treatment, after they had eaten the product called “Super Cereal,” said the WFP in Rome on Friday.

The product is made of ground Corn or wheat, beans, soy, and nutrients was added. It will, in particular, women and children, in order to prevent under-nutrition, – stated in the message.

2400 Tests and still no result

So far, more than 2400 laboratory tests had been made. However, is more unclear whether and how the food with the illness and deaths of relationships. The product had been examined, among others, to mold, pesticides, or heavy metals.

The distribution had been stopped in 25 countries. It was a "never gewesenen" Incident, said the aid organization. "Super Cereal" was "to prevent a crucial part of the efforts of the WFP, malnutrition and life retten".