Pimples, toothache, insomnia: These body signals You should not ignore

Our body speaks to us, but too often we don’t listen to him. We ignore the stomach pains, the toothache or the pimples. The body gives us important clues as to the hidden Suffering.

If internists are meeting at a conference, there are presentations about new target molecules against cancer, tutorials on breathing techniques, presentations, cardiovascular drugs. The Usual. A topic such as “The medical art of omission,” but have it all sit up and take notice. It is a Trend that has traveled from the USA to Europe and is called “Choosing Wisely”: Physicians are not to treat your patients with premature studies, and questionable therapies. Rather, the practitioner should be confident that the human body gets health challenges are often of the self in the grip – and he beats the Alarm in time, if his natural compensatory ability is exhausted and he needs help from the outside.

The inner doctor is quite a way

This “Smart select”Initiative, which is a medical bow to the intelligence that is in our 80 trillion cells of the body. “The organism constantly, and without a doctor produce engaging, health. Who makes the body and hears him, can his wisdom often take advantage of,“ says Harald Walach the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Or. The clinical psychologist and philosopher of science busy for many years with the mechanisms of self-healing.

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The body is a Do-it-yourself expert

The body will do him good to listen to? Can be in practice quite tricky. Wherein the first part of this recommendation – let this Happen – even the simplest Part. Finally, our organism is a true Do-it-yourself expert. It reduces toxins through the liver repairs injury through renewable tissue, sends immune cells to pathogens and increases blood pressure as soon as the requirements increase. “Our sophisticated biochemistry rearranges the internal resources where they are needed,” says Walach.

Our gut thinks

This is the experience everyone knows, the Trouble or time pressure on the stomach. In the case of thin belly, in fact, receives via the nervous system the message that the brain needs to solve a bigger Problem. The mind needs a Central power – that of the intestine provides prompt available. “He is reduced in a collegial way, the work of Digestion, and his own blood flow down,” explains the specialist Giulia Enders in your best dish “intestine with charm”. The consequences: loss of appetite, diarrhea or Nausea.

It’s supposed illness are the kind of characters that are actually healing reactions. Harald Walach says: “they are an attempt of the organism, the original balance and the dynamic Balance of all the individual systems, which we call health, to restore.”


You listen more to the signals of the Bauchhirns

Our digestion is so sensitive, depends on a peculiarity. Similar to the skull in mid exists in the Body is a highly complex neural network. Around 100 million nerve cells are interconnected to form a plexus, the stomach and intestines weaves. “The nervous network is the same as that of the brain, and similar to complex,” writes Giulia Enders. Here, the same cell types, active substances and receptors in the brain. Enders: “As the largest sensory Organ of the body, the intestines collects its information, so to speak, in the middle of the fray. Sensitively he perceives our inner life.“ In fact, the stomach brain sends more signals to the head brain than the other way around. So from time to time on the belly to listen to!

Urination, Herpes, skin rash – pure Stress signals

Stress is reflected not only in the intestine but also in other regions of the body: a Hyper-active bladder, cold sores, tooth pain or eczema of the skin. In the Latter case, experts speak of a neurogenic inflammation. In the process, the body is under mental stress produces a specific type of nerve fibers in the skin stress messengers free.


The warning signals, which our body indicates that we have plundered its resources, are manifold. Also fatigue, tiredness, or muscle soreness after sports belong in the category of this evolutionary protective measures.

Pain signals force for conservation

Even acute pain are nothing more than a sign of alarm that forces us to conserve. Or to a review of nutritional style and way of life. Rheumatics, for example, often experience a relief of their Suffering, if they attack twice a week-wild salmon, herring, or mackerel, and Flax, and rapeseed oils to consume. “The Omega-3 fatty acids from these foods inhibit the inflammation that is triggered by the misguided immune cells,” explains the Hamburg-based nutrition practitioner Dr. Matthias Riedl in The book “diet – Docs”.

The secret message of Depression

Perhaps an evolutionary mechanism to protect the health, can take on such a dangerous expression that he costs every year, thousands of people even exist. It comes to depression. According to the American psychiatrist and Professor of psychology, Randolph Nesse, who teaches at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, are likely to represent depression and lack of drive is a valuable message in the body: let go of unrealistic goals that Rob you of too much power!

Melancholy as a smoke detector for over-processed power?

The secret sense of melancholy is that it forces the Affected, from the everyday to withdraw to rethink his circumstances and a fresh start under healthier sign: away from the 50-hour week as chief of staff of the group to have more freedom as a self-employed. Or Vice versa: to get out of the precarious working as a freelance Translator, purely in the security of a permanent position.

Depressions are, therefore, smoke detectors, and demonstrate that we apply our resources in the face of overly ambitious goals in life to waste? Pretty clever of the body, let us know in this way. Bad luck only: Occasionally, the intelligence that is hidden in our organs and tissues exceeds, our own.

Risky is, if we ignore the signals of your body

Or we ignore the obvious signals and damage in order to the duration of one’s own health. Another typical example: the modern life of the internal clock. “We sleep becoming shorter and shorter, to teach us to increasingly rare after the light of day,” complains the Munich chronobiology Till Roenneberg. “This leads to social jet lag, the Obesity and cardiovascular disease favours.”

Multiple signals are warning: Eat too much!

Who eats in the longer term to a lot of, as measured by the calorie requirements, jeopardizing his Well-being. We know of? And for all cases the Evolution has equipped the body with a sign of alarm that require the eater to put the fork out of my Hand. Mechanical stretch receptors in the digestive tract sign to the Hypothalamus in the diencephalon: the stomach is filled! The satiety hormone Leptin from adipose tissue yells: energy reserves are full! Also blood sugar, Insulin, Serotonin, and other substances the hunger centre and brakes in a different way.

Attack on the body-IQ by industrial food

And yet, We eat in so often over the saturation point, that, according to the Federal statistical office, 52% of Germans are considered overweight. The Reason For This? Some experts suggest that aromatic additives, flavor enhancers, emulsifiers, and other Tuning substances trick from finished food, the body’s natural signals.

The focus of the spicy maker glutamate is, for example, the artificial addition of boring soups as well plain finished pizzas or potato chips. “From animal experiments we know that the glutamate in the brain, disrupts appetite control and the saturation prevents it,” says food scientist and author Ulrike Gonder. “Especially people who tend to binge Eat, should be careful to take as little as possible to the addition of glutamate to.” Glutamate is hidden on the package, behind the abbreviation E 620 to E 625, or under names such as spice, yeast extract, and Aroma. Natural glutamate in Parmesan cheese, ripe tomatoes, salmon, mushrooms and ham.

Sweetener confuses the Sättigungszentum in the brain

Experts, like the diabetologist, Achim Peters of the University of Lübeck will take another Suspect into the visor: sweeteners, stuck as a sugar substitute in Light drinks or low-fat diet foods. The artificial Sweetness seems to fool the brain, because it promises more calories then delivers. Therefore, the suspicious, become the Organ of a delay in the saturation of signals. “In this way, the person takes, ultimately, more calories,” explains Peters.

“Clean Eating” freed the culinary body intelligence

Of course, the only sweeteners or glutamate do not attack the body IQ. Hectic snack in the lunch break, the land of milk and honey similar Oversupply of food at any time of day, even late to eat in front of the television – all of this contributes to the fact that we ignore the sensitive saturation signals.

A nutrition philosophy from the United States promises to help. It’s called “Clean Eating” and the culinary body, through the waiver of finished products of intelligence. “The most important rule is to cook with fresh, unprocessed ingredients that are free of artificial additives,” says the author, Tosca Reno (“The Eat – Clean diet”). Glutamate, sweeteners and similar saturation überlister from the dining plan to banish – so easy it can be sometimes, the wisdom of the body to Wake up.