After cosmetic injections woman almost lost lips

Mouth 29-year-old woman increased in size twice due to swelling, she almost lost her upper lip. This happened after the so-called party with the Botox she’s had injections of fillers.

A resident English Leicester Rachel Napier visited the so-called Botox party at her friend with the intention to just spend a couple injections in the forehead. However, knocking over a few glasses of champagne, Rachel came to the conclusion that her lips are too imperfect, and it would not hurt to increase. Injections cost her 220 pounds, but who conducted the injection, the beautician made a mistake and made an injection into an artery. After a few hours of Rachel’s mouth began to swell, due to the fact that the lips have lost blood flow. The woman received assistance in the hospital and was discharged, then went to the reception to the plastic surgeon.

He said to Rachel that she might lose the upper lip, when the tissue starts to die in absence of blood. The woman agreed to the treatment, and in three days I screamed in pain when the doctors injected her lips solvent agent. Only after three months mouth is a lover of Botox are almost back to normal. She calls the incident a terrible mistake, but does not rule out in future any plastic surgeries and procedures. Rachel promises to only go to beauty clinics.

The share of Botox and other fillers account for 90% of all non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the UK. This whole industry is estimated at billions of pounds, and in a special clinic injection for lip augmentation will cost 300 pounds. But in any kind of unlicensed salons for injection can pay as little as 99 pounds, and pushes back many girls. (READ MORE)