Face transplantation gave the guy a second life

26-year-old man who shot himself in the face on the background of long-term depression, got a second chance. During the 25-hour surgery gave him a new look.

American Cameron underwood two years ago tried to commit suicide because of the long and exhausting depression and binge. In America there is free sale of weapons, so to get the barrel guy presented no difficulty. He shot himself in the face, but did not die, but was taken to the hospital where doctors saved his life. However, Cameron has a new reason to dive into the depths of depression – a young man completely lost his face and now looked like a monster from a horror movie. However, now he no longer tried to kill herself and continued to hope for a miracle. And it happened, when the doctors of the medical center in new York decided to give it a unique plastic surgery face transplant.

And now Cameron has decided to share the amazing progress that was marked in his life since the transplant most of the face. The young man also expressed his gratitude to the family of the donor will Fisher. 23-year-old boy “gave” her face transplant after in January 2018 died suddenly on the background of severe mental illness. Cameron, who lives in California, flew to new York as soon as he learned about the presence of the donor, and almost immediately he went through a surgical operation, duration of 25 hours, which changed his life.

Of course, the young man still looks pretty unusual, but it can go to public places, walk the streets and not be afraid that passers-by at the sight of his face will shy away from the horror. In addition, the surgeons emphasize that every month the appearance of Cameron, will become increasingly normal as the engraftment of tissues and disappearance of edema. Well, the doctors now hope that the young man will appreciate his life much stronger than before. (READ MORE)