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What to know about hair conditioners?

Natural hair conditioners

Natural homemade cosmetics is a great way to avoid harmful chemicals. Be sure to take into consideration these effective conditioners for hair! Magicforum find out what hair conditioners you need to use.

Manufacturer of natural cosmetics, including hair conditioners, in the last few years has become a very popular phenomenon. More and more people every year choose these funds not only because of their availability, but also because they are absolutely natural and safe for the body.

When it comes to tools for hair care, in this case it is better to choose natural cosmetics that does not contain any harmful substances (in particular paraben, silicone and paraffin).

These substances not only damage hair but also adversely affect the health status in General.

If you also want to unsubscribe from the store of cosmetics in favor of home remedies, take into consideration natural hair conditioning recipes you will find in this article. Believe me, after applying these tools, your hair will become silky and shiny.

What to know about hair conditioners?

Air conditioning in industrial production contain harmful substances, which after penetration into the skin through the pores into the blood. Unfortunately, a large number of these substances may adversely affect the work of all internal organs and systems.

In addition, these cosmetics provide a positive result only in the case if you regularly use it. As soon as you stop using store-bought conditioners, hair again will lose attractive luster and volume.

Please note that very often after prolonged use of air conditioners, the hair begins very quickly thick.

Over time, these air conditioners vary the sebaceous glands and stimulate sebum secretion. That is why the ends of your hair remain dry, while the roots become greasy 1-2 days after washing my hair.

Natural hair conditioners

Hereare some recipes natural remedies for hair carethat will suit everyone. Get ready to burn!

1. Apple cider vinegar

Did you know that our grandmothers used natural Apple cider vinegar to make your hair shiny, silky and healthy.

The main problem of this natural product is incredibly strong and distinctive smell. Luckily, the vinegar smell disappears once the hair dries. However, if you are worried that the smell will remain, before you can use this tool to mix Apple cider vinegar with natural essential oils. You can choose oil with a pleasant aroma, particularly lavender, tangerine and mint.

Method of application:

Fill a clean bottle with a spray of water and Apple cider vinegar in proportion 1: 3. Apply ready air conditioning on full length of hair immediately after shampooing.

2. Beer

Surprised? Believe it or not, beer is not only a delicious drink that is very refreshing, but also effective air conditioning. With the help of this product you can soften the hair and restore its natural luster.

Natural beer contains high amount of essential antioxidants and various vitamins of group B. moreover, in the composition of this drink contains silicon – an essential mineral for maintaining good hair structure. Especially important to use beer instead of conditioner will store for owners of brittle and thin hair.

•After shampooing, rinse your hair with a non-alcoholic beer. This way you will be able to keep your hair alive and shiny, and get rid of excessive dryness of the skin. Wait a few minutes and then rinse of beer under a large amount of water.

•Please note that you don’t have to use beer to rinse hair every day.

Enough to rinse hair with beer once a week to get a positive result. If this recipe you really liked, please try other alternative means.

3. Coconut oil

For anybody not a secret that coconut oil is one of the best remedies for dry hair with split ends. This product will help to restore hair and give them natural Shine.

•If you want to use coconut oil as a conditioner, apply this product on damp hair before using shampoo. Leave coconut oil on hair for a few hours before you wash your hair. Don’t worry, the tool is perfectly washed off.

•Apply oil to the roots is required. To obtain visible results, use coconut oil 1-2 times a week.

Besides, this tool is not only natural and effective conditioning, but also pleasant to use product, because coconut oil has a delicate tropical flavor.

4. Egg yolk and lemon juice

The combination of these products is perfect to care for any type of hair.

•Egg yolk has a high content of fats, which nourish the hair follicles. In addition, this product contains large amounts of vitamins (A, B12, B6, B2, B1, D, E, and folic acid). That is why natural remedies based on egg yolks is incredibly nutritious cocktail for your hair.

•Lemon juice gives hair a natural Shine. However, to use it in its pure form is not necessary, because he has the ability to dry your hair if you apply it in large quantity. For this reason, you need to mix the lemon juice with the egg yolk before applying the product on your hair.


•1 egg yolk

•juice of 1/2 lemon

Whisk the raw egg yolk and mix it with lemon juice. Ready means apply on entire length of hair. Wait for the active components of the means will start to operate. After the usual wash your head with shampoo.

5. Essential oil jojoba

In fact, jojoba oil is perhaps the most effective natural means for hair care. This vegetable oil is very easily absorbed and deeply nourishes the skin.

Method of application:

•Jojoba oil should be applied to the entire length of hair just before shampooing with common shampoo.

•If you are familiar with the problem of dry hair and split ends may from time to time use a small amount of jojoba oil.

Was previously named the facts about hair conditioners.