The gel based on silk heals wounds on the skin without scars

Chinese scientists have created a gel based on silk protein to treat wounds on the skin without scars, reported the journal Biomaterial Science. To develop gel scientific experts used contained in the fibers of the silk substance sericin.

According to experts, the gel sirisena experimentally proved as an effective tool for the treatment of wounds – he is a “well adheres to the cells and almost does not cause immune responses of the body.” This gel-based substance of silk regulates skin cells, and as a result, the wound will not scar tissue and new skin. According to scientists, the amino acid composition of silk, on the basis of which new gel is similar to the amino acid composition of human skin. Also gel with sirisena is antiseptic, so the wounds are protected from contact with bacteria, inflamed and heals faster.

Sericin contained in silk fibers. Highlighting the substance of the silk, the scientists used ultraviolet light and the photoinitiator for the cross-links of protein chains. In the publication the scientists spoke about the fact that the gel sirisena on the basis of silk is the most effective tool today for the treatment of wounds and preventing scars.

A scar is a natural result of the healing process that is triggered by the body to restore the skin or other organs. The tissue that forms the scar, is almost the same composition as regular skin, almost entirely consisting of the protein collagen, but it looks different and has a different structure because the collagen fibers are arranged in a special way, parallel to each other.

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