The hair changed to the French form of the head

19-year-old Frenchwoman has decided to pakrasti the hair black, but in the end her head inflated, making the girl similar to the repulsive creature. The heroine of this story is said, she disregarded the instruction about testing for allergies.

That result in home beauty treatments for hair carelessly changed to the French form of the head, told newspaper the Local. A student named Estelle I bought black hair dye. In the instructions to the means of staining said that before you start to dye your hair, you must use the included test for allergenicity of the product, the results of which have dozhitsya two days. But the French did not have the patience. 30 minutes later after done the test, it started staining.

Soon, according to the girl, my head started to itch and swell. Estelle reported that the volume of her forehead has doubled, and the head itself has changed shape and became like a light bulb. Together mother and student visited the doctors she was given medication and did not leave the clinic. But the next day she got worse: swollen tongue, heart palpitations. Mother took Estelle to another hospital where she was injected with adrenaline and left under the supervision of physicians.

After all the misadventures the girl now advises all to carefully follow the instructions for hair dyes.

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