The model before her death, wants to become the fattest in the world

The weight of this 29-year-old model from Portugal is 190 lbs. And her dream is the title of fattest woman in the world.

In 2015, the girl she calls herself Lilith Cenobite (Cenobite – people-demons of the franchise “Hellraiser”) received a terminal diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy. This complication of cirrhosis of the liver caused by accumulation of iron due to blood transfusions. At the time of blood transfusion needed Lilith for the treatment of thalassemia – a genetic disease with which she was born. After learning about the terrible diagnosis, she has changed the way of life and thinking, becoming to treat eating differently. She decided in what does not deny, and even found on the Internet a whole community of people that its the biggest fetish I think fullness. Since three years have passed, and Lilith has already gained 190 lbs.

Having a terminal diagnosis, a woman seeks to realize his dream and to go down in history as the fattest woman in the world that should be recorded in the Guinness Book of records. Lilith hopes that will have time to do it before she withdraws from life. She also considers the completeness is very exciting, and she absolutely loves it there. The girl says that he grew up homeless, and food was given to her with difficulty. And if someone is feeding her, do it from love, but most of my adult life, Lilith, who sought to become a real model, held with anorexia.

Magicforum recalled that thalassemia is a group of hereditary disorders affecting the haemoglobin in the blood. One of the main problems associated with this condition is excessive accumulation of iron, which affects the heart, liver and hormones. For the treatment of thalassemia requires regular blood transfusion through which he passed Lilith. Note that to break the record for fattest woman in the world she still has a long way to go as recorded by the Guinness Book of records weighs 535 kg. Weight of living fattest woman in the world is approaching 290 kg. (READ more)

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