The number of men who make injections into the penis, has increased 70 times

Active viewing porn on the Internet has led to 70-fold increase in the number of men passing through injection of fillers into the penis. Despite the fact that this operation faces impotence, numbness and even tissue necrosis.

Porn on the Internet experts blamed the record jump in the number of men who come for procedures injections of fillers into the penis. Thanks to these injections increases penis size. British clinics say 70-fold increase in the number of requests for such injections over the past three years. So, one 36-year-old patient shared joy after the procedure, which allowed him to increase penis size from 12.5 cm to 15 cm In the photo you can see the happy friend of this patient, which raises the thumb up and expresses the joy of what he saw and the upcoming stormy night.

Demonstration of this kind of photos and video on TV also contributes to the influx of men in beauty clinics. Each month through similar procedures take place for 130 people, 20 times more than the same period last year. Men seeking to increase penis size, despite the fact that numerous studies have shown that for women the figure is not important. Women is much higher penis size appreciate in a man his ability in bed, the ability to deliver a woman pleasure and lack of selfishness.

Members of the British Association of surgeons-urologists emphasize that such injections are dangerous because they use materials originally intended for wrinkles. Injections threaten the development of impotence, the emergence of numbness of the penis, and also much more dangerous necrosis, which can result in amputation. However, men in the slightest degree not stop. (READ MORE)