Five simple rules for PMS, which will improve the quality of life

I always want to cry, it seems that I’m the most unhappy that nobody loves me. Then it gives way to anger at everyone and everything. I understand that you can not do and can not do anything. And even chest pains. The worst thing is that I am the Director of the division, which employs only men. Information from the women’s forum.

Many women would like to sit out PMS at home, but these days it’s impossible. To not receive ridicule from colleagues, not to spoil relations with loved ones, and just live in harmony with yourself, to live efficiently, not to endure pain in the chest read these tips.

Rule # 1

Eat 5 times a day. Difficult. But try. For Breakfast better to eat cereal, and snack nuts. Fish or meat should be steamed or protesty.

Include in the diet with b vitamins, omega 3. Against the background of intake of vitamin B6 reduced the frequency of migraines, reduced pain in the lower abdomen.

Rule # 2

At that time of the month, refrain from eating meat products, salt and alcohol. Drink herbal tea. Try to walk on the street 30 minutes before bedtime. Go for a massage, if possible.

Rule # 3

Try PMS not to take serious decisions. The desire to leave her husband, and to work in time critical days can be caused by hormonal surges. Easy to ruin, and to restore the relationship will be difficult. Do not rush, think.

At work, engage your colleagues to discuss difficult issues. In your free time, take a walk, go to the gym, eat a chocolate.

Rule # 4

Check with your doctor about the drug Mastodinon. This is a German herbal preparation, stabilizing the body during the premenstrual syndrome:

  • reduces breast pain before menstruation.
  • normalizes the nervous system, improves sleep, relieves nervousness.

To improve the quality of life and to get rid of PMS symptoms, Mastodinon need to take at least 3 months, the improvements You will feel in the second week of reception.

Rule # 5

Love yourself. The life of a person is one. You need to live in positive emotions, joyful events and, certainly, not to experience discomfort from the jump gormonov.

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