How artificial intelligence will help people with rheumatoid arthritis?

Digital technology has become a new tool for people trying to control rheumatoid arthritis (RA). A next step could be the chat-bots using artificial intelligence. But can they help people with RA?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be found everywhere these days. From banking services to the fitness industry – computers have become the companion of our everyday life. Health care is no exception.

Electronic medical records and new medical applications for smartphones, tablets and personal computers make it easy to store and retrieve patient data and medical information. Dialog a function of AI, for example, the chat bot could make healthcare more personalized modern. Chat-bot is able to help patients with RA to get a prescription or a doctor’s appointment. They can also help in matters related to customer service, or in some cases, exchange advice, tips or reminders about health, using computer responses based on user feedback.

Live chat or conversation with a chat bot?

At the moment patients living with Rasputyvat mixed feelings about the use of chats and AI. Many of them prefer living obscenes staff. Aversion to conversation with the robot, it seems, is a major problem for users.

In some medical applications of the work people do to reduce the awkwardness of interaction with the machine. But artificial intelligence and chat-bots not only help to plan the techniques to set reminders and store information about the patient’s health. In some cases, the AI helps rheumatologists diagnose RA and other medical conditions more accurately and faster. For example, in China one of the applications helps conduct basic medical triage.

According to the American College of rheumatology, there is one program that stands out from the rest. It’s called Advantage SMART Practice and is a universal electronic solution, based on artificial intelligence. It has rheumatology the Rheumatology Advantage, which debuted at the annual meeting of the American College of rheumatology.

It is expected that Rheumatology Advantage will increase efficiency of visits to rheumatology, using the technology of AI and chats, and real-time data from the doctor’s office or hospital for further automation of administrative tasks. The program also needs to eliminate unnecessary steps to improve the flow of patients.

How artificial intelligence works in the case revmatoidnom arthritis

According to forecasts, to avoid deeper involvement in AI and chat bots in health can not be avoided. Many people admit that technology has made their lives easier, helping to solve a lot of problems related to health. Some still treat anything new with skepticism and fear, and a third group of people said as the pros and cons of such innovation:

The chat-bot would be useful when scheduling and confirming doctor visits, updating recipes and glebovka or create such communities as forums that provide great support. The concern is the data privacy and security. Help AI in hospitals and conducting complex operations is fine, but if everything is in the hands of the robot, it is scary.