In Kiev opened the first blood Bank for animals

In Kiev at the Department of surgery at the University of life and environmental Sciences earned a blood Bank for animals. The Bank is already stored plasma and trombokoncentrata for dogs. Until such institutions are in need of blood transfusion, the owners were required to seek donors for their animals.

At the moment dogs welcome-patients being actively carried out. The procedure, which as in humans is fasting, takes no more than 15 minutes. The dog calm and take 350 milliliters of blood. The owners say that after the procedure, the animal feels good, and leaves the study on their four paws.

But with cats, the situation is complicated in the blood, they respond more aggressively.


Further blood is taken for analysis and placed in a centrifuge to separate components, which are then stored in special freezers. There are special containers to urgently deliver blood to the four-legged patients.

Potential donors should be vaccinated and weigh more than 25 kg. Blood tested for hematological parameters and blood diseases. Because of the peculiarities of blood circulation, the dog can be a donor more often than people once a month.

Near the Cabinet expect to receive both donors and recipients. Some animals will give blood not for the first time. The owners admit that they initially experienced anxiety, but the procedure was quick and without much stress. And experts say that such manipulation has a beneficial effect on the health of donors.