Matthew McConaughey Opens Up About the Importance of 'Tough Love' and Saying 'No' as a Parent

McConaughey recently opened up about being a dad at the History channel's HISTORYTalks in New York City this past March, joking that while he'd "like to have eight more kids," his "wife's not on the same page."

"I understand that. It's a lot easier for us [men]," he quipped.

While reflecting on his career and what he hopes to leave behind, the Interstellar actor also called his sons and daughter his "living legacy."

"I've got a large hand in shepherding my three children up until they're 18 and out of the house," he said. "Yeah, see if I hold on to my words in a few years. That's the thing I think I do most honorably is having three autonomous, conscientious, confident children."

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