The get: the most successful Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina , the first racket of Ukraine and the fourth racket of the world. Most successful player in the history of the Ukraine says he was proud to represent our country at the international level. And we in turn are proud of Elina, and I want to get acquainted with a way of life.

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My day usually starts at 6:30-7:00. First, I eat Breakfast because a good Breakfast is very important. After that start the workout.

I train 4-5 hours a day. Morning training lasts approximately 1.5 hours, in the afternoon I hit the gym, and in the evening another tennis training or stretching. I also do yoga, Pilates, and sometimes instead of the gym I go to Boxing.

There are some foods that I can eat. A week before the tournament I cut back on the foods that lower my energy level. To determine them, I had a blood test.

Photo:ELLE Ukraine

I do makeup and she always dress up before the match. For me it is very important to look good: the shape and clothing. You have to be always 100% ready, because the camera everywhere and shoot a lot of photographers. Make-up I have easy. All it takes is 10 minutes maximum.

I think that in tennis some of the most beautiful forms.

I always fight until the end

I have tipping points. Sometimes hard to get up in the morning and go on court, but I always try to find motivation. When I was little, I was motivated by parents. They always come up with little surprises and gifts. For example, I need to win some tournament to get a gift Telefonica brand.

The status of the leader and pushes, and motivates. On the one hand, there is pride and on the other expect from you only victories. People came to look at me and expect me to beat anyone.

I have a team that always supports me: my coach, agent, fitness trainer and physiotherapist. They help me always to be in shape, both mentally and physically.

My strong point is psychology. I always fight to the end for each draw for every ball. Could hear it even from other players.

I like esoteric books. Recently I reread for the third time, the Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. It motivates me for further advancement.

My goal is to become the first racket of the world

For me the goal to become the first racket of the world. Of course, in tennis there are negative emotions, they need to learn how to get rid of, but it is always important to what was to come. Bad emotions can ruin all the work, in tennis it’s called had enough, so it’s important to something is motivated always. For me the task of becoming the first to win a Grand slam tournament.

Getting rid of negative emotions is a daily job. Previously, I collaborated with a psychologist, now you do a lot myself, read books on psychology and try to analyze the matches and training. I have to constantly remember different state when playing. A match may last a long time, so comes many thoughts and need to understand what suits me, what you need to think. It is important for me to find something new in myself, to be able to concentrate.

It is very important to find what helps you maintain physical and mental condition. What better to do before the tournament and after. In your life should be something different that moves you forward.

To mentally prepare for the game, I always spend 5-10 minutes alone. Think about what you need to perform on the court.

I’m trying to find the positive in everything

I love to learn languages. Study French, Spanish-a little of everything, because not a lot of free time. But since I have many friends and acquaintances from different countries, I can practice, and for me it’s interesting. In addition, read books during long flights.

Home for me always a holiday and comfort. When I for a few days come to Odessa, for me it is always off. My grandmother said that for her then every day is Sunday. We will all get together mom, dad and grandma. Grandma loves to cook and welcomes me with his signature pies and pancakes. Of course, I try to tell her that I need to stick to a diet. But to give up just quite impossible. We rarely have those moments when we can come together. Therefore, parents always try to give me rest and create a good mood.

My dream is to create in Ukraine the national tennis center. It would be an incredible project. Good to have a place where the best players in different age categories can learn. It is very important that the child not be dissipated if you want to become a professional. To all the forces devoted to tennis. Such a place would be the starting point for the children. Moreover, the center should be in Kiev a good location. And more importantly, that there were people who understood and believed in this project.

I’m trying to find the positive always, and in General, the day is very long and filled with many good moments that we often overlook. I look at things, and not focusing on negative emotions.