12-digit Code on the Bank Transfer: So you come faster to a doctor’s appointment – Video

Often, patients must wait months for an appointment with the specialist. In order to be conveyed more quickly in urgent cases, in 2016, a Service-Hotline – which, however, still hardly anyone uses. If you want to be cared for, needs only a certain Code on the Bank Transfer.

Who needs a specialist sometimes has to wait months for an appointment. In order to speed up the process, set by the Ministry by law: In urgent cases, patients will receive within four weeks for an appointment. For the beginning of 2016 so-called appointment service have been established. Each state has its own Hotline, which gives specialist appointments.

Here you will find the phone number for your state.

Urgent notice on the Transfer

Legally insured patients can contact the Hotline. Under one condition: a Referral from your family doctor must contain a twelve-digit Code, a so-called urgent report.

The Hotline staff when you call queries. He then must offer you an appointment within the following four weeks. Patients can not specify a desired doctor, but a qualified doctor near your place of residence.

In the first year, the Service awarded a spot nationwide, about 120,000 doctor’s appointments. The Andreas streets, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Shi physicians confirmed the DPA. However, this is only a fraction of all treatments. Thus, the Points are not utilized by far.

In-house physicians to forget in notices and urgent – you can, however, point out

A possible reason for this: few patients know of it, and even Doctors think far too rarely to make a note of urgency to the note on the Bank Transfer. So if you need a timely an appointment with a specialist, your family doctor the next time you visit the Code.

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