2 people have died as Guelph sees a spike in overdoses: public health

Public health officials say two people have died in the past week in Guelph as the city is seeing a spike in drug overdoses.

Another five people have overdosed, according to the Wellington Guelph Drug Strategy.

There have been reports that the current drug supply being circulated includes strong opioids, cocaine contaminated with opioids and the presence of benzodiazepines, which are sedatives.

Officials are urging drug users to carry naloxone and use the “start slow and go slow” method, which means starting with one-third of a normal dose with every new purchase.

While health officials say drug users should never use alone, they are also encouraging them to practise physical distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic or phone a friend. They could also call an overdose prevention line at 1-888-853-8542.

The other option is the overdose prevention site at the Guelph Community Health Centre as it has not changed its hours during the pandemic.

More information on preventive measures can be found on public health’s website.

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