4th supervised consumption site in Edmonton set to open Monday at Boyle McCauley

Edmonton’s fourth supervised consumption site is scheduled to open at the Boyle McCauley Health Centre on Nov. 5.

A media tour of the site will take place in advance on Thursday.

The city currently has three other supervised consumption sites, which all opened in March.

The service at the George Spady Centre sees an average of 61 visits per day, while the Boyle Street Community Services site sees about 57 visits per day.

Patients at the Royal Alexandra Hospital also have access to a supervised site in the hospital.

City councillors heard an update on the opioid issue on Wednesday. While Edmonton is still recording an alarming number of deaths, the numbers are leveling off.

As of Oct. 28, two community supervised consumption sites had nearly 19,720 visits from 835 unique individuals and 228 overdoses reversed.

Staff at the other sites say this fourth one at the Boyle McCauley Health Centre is desperately needed.

“They’ve had 18,000 visits so far only,” said Marliss Taylor, the program manager for Street Works. “That’s really, in a way, a drop in the bucket in the number of people that still require services. So we’re hopeful we’ll be able to see even more people.”

The new centre is located at 106 Avenue and 96 Street.

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