5 prohibited practices in the treatment of tonsillitis

Acute tonsillitis can be caused by a virus or bacteria, and often passes quickly. But in the protracted course of the disease, tonsillitis can become chronic. What you are doing wrong and how to fix it?

In fact, the true reason why some people develop chronic tonsillitis and the others don’t, is not known. But there are certain factors that contribute to this development.

Smoking and alcohol

How could you not want to believe that alcohol has a disinfectant effect is not the treatment. Using alcohol as a medicine, or as entertainment, you irritate the mucous membranes of the throat and tonsils. The inflammation may even intensify, and tonsillitis will be delayed in the chronic form. The same is true of cigarettes, and any other safe Smoking. The mucous membrane of the throat and tonsils suffer from a lack of fresh blood (like all fabric) and it becomes a good breeding ground for the permanent maintenance of a sufficient population of microorganisms. In the end, sluggish inflammation is provided for a long time.

Associated diseases:

Chronic tonsillitisOtitisAbscessAngina

Cold feet

If you feet get cold, you go barefoot in shoes, out of season treatment of tonsillitis can be a long process, and even lead to complications. It is known that the foot are active points that affect the condition of many organs. In addition, the heat of the body quickly goes exactly through the foot. If you still are freezing because of not enough warm clothing, you risk even more. The constant need to maintain body temperature creates an additional burden for the body. And in the process of fighting infection in the throat it is completely useless.

Too hot drinks

If you want to cure a sore throat with hot tea and milk you chose the wrong tactics. Very hot drink for colds and tonsillitis will increase swelling and will burn mucous membranes. This will reduce and so violated the protective function of the tonsils. In the period of inflammation is allowed to warm drinks and gargle that will not cause discomfort upon contact with mucous membranes. Also prohibited spicy and irritating food.

Associated symptoms:

Pain when swallowingChills Sore throatVomitingNausea Heat (fever, hyperthermia, fever)

Cold therapy

The other extreme is to drink cold beverages and eat ice cream in order to reduce swelling. This strange way of treatment, nothing like broken telephone. Once after tonsils were taken out, was prescribed ice cream as a main dish. It helps to remove swelling in the throat and soothe the pain. But eating ice cream during tonsillitis is still not recommended. Swelling you may be clear, but soon the inflammation will increase, and you will long to treat chronic tonsillitis.

Treatment with antibiotics

This seems to be the simplest and fastest way treat any infection. The fact that antibiotics are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, making the outcome of any disease is a little predictable. You can find online suitable in your opinion the drug for the treatment of sore throat, and take it according to the scheme described in the instructions. In the end, when it comes to transfer responsibility for treatment of your doctor, it has already dealing with the complications of unauthorized medication.

To see if the antibiotic in your specific case, and which, only after certain steps of the survey. At a minimum, this must be a common blood test. Usually with tonsillitis, if this is not angina, systemic antibiotics are not necessary. Taking antibiotics without evidence, you lower immune defenses and contribute to the development of chronic inflammation.