5 types of drugs that are bad for the potency

Problems with potency is familiar to many men, especially after the onset of the 40th anniversary. Doctors warn that the potency can be a bad influence medication.

Medications to reduce pressure. With hypertension men crossed the threshold of maturity face today are increasingly. According to experts, its development is largely due to unhealthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, following a healthy tips on nutrition and avoiding harmful habits not only allows you to save weight and normal pressure. If you need to receive drugs that reduce blood pressure (hypotensive drugs and inhibitors), we have to choose between a sex life or health. These medications in side effect can depress sexual potency.

Sedative medications.Drugs, containing in its composition neuroleptics are able to inhibit the production of male hormones. Moreover, the detachment of these funds on the potency can have bad influence even a simple soothing drops or tincture of motherwort. The impact of such funds can be lengthy, to occur after discontinuation of treatment.

Cure for digestive diseases. Under the influence of the hormone glands of the stomach decreases the production of his secret. Simultaneously, it may decrease the synthesis of testosterone in the male body and, consequently, weaken the potency.

Steroid medication. Saturated with hormones and drugs often used by fitness enthusiasts to increase muscle mass. But the potency of such tools are a bad influence, and experts strongly recommend not to use chemical compounds in sports.

Brom. Present in the composition of the hepatoprotectors, as well as in antiasteniceski, cardiotonic and immunomodulatory drugs. It is believed that the bromine inhibits the potency, but this opinion has no scientific evidence. According to doctors, bromine can reduce the activity of the men because of their sedative properties, but impotence because of him not developing.

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