8 problems with his legs, which indicates failure in the health

The foot condition can happen changes, which indicates failure in the overall health of the body. The experts identified seven symptoms that occur in the legs.

The problem with foot cramps. According to doctors, cramps in the legs often honking about the dehydration. If the liquid is consumed in a normal volume, but the cramps still present, it may indicate a deficiency of potassium in the body.

The problem with the feet as numbness and tingling.These symptoms can indicate peripheral neuropathy, pinched nerve, and on a more serious failure in the body. When numbness and tingling that doesn’t go away within a few days, be sure to visit the doctor.

The problem with the feet: sloughing of the skin. Constantly peeling skin on feet and toes can signal something about fungal infections and weakened immunity.

The problem with the feet: cold. If feet still cold, possible malfunction of the thyroid gland. In particular, the probable hypothyroidism – decrease in its function.

The problem with the feet: heel pain. Sharp pain in the feet often signals about the development of plantar fasciitis, which is often caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes.

The problem with the feet: swelling of the big toe. Swollen thumb and raising the temperature in it can point to articulate the disease gout. In her case postponed in the joints an excessive amount of uric acid salts.

The problem with the legs: do not grow hair. If hair on legs stopped growing, it can signal something about the failure of the function of the cardiovascular system, blood circulation disorders.

The problem with the leg: bruised. When bruises appear on my legs, and they adjoin the small capillary stains in the form of nets or webs, it can be assumed that developing varicose veins.

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