A warm bath lowers blood pressure and blood sugar

In order to reduce the content of sugar in the blood, we need to take a warm bath. Hour stay in nice warmwater gives the same effect as exercise.

For many of us the hot tub after a busy day, especially in winter, look like a blessing. Especially pleased to know that this hygienic procedure brings many benefits to health. Hour stay in a warm bath reduces inflammation in the body and reduces the blood sugar, the study showed. Within the hour, during which the person is in the tub, his body releasing a chemical substance that resists inflammation. And in the same quantities as during the gym.

Moreover, researchers from Loughborough University found that the time bathing also promotes the production of a substance which lowers blood pressure. Their findings are made based on the analysis of 10 men are overweight, who led a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. For hour give or just relax on the sofa or soak in the bath with a water temperature of 38C. Shortly before the procedure and immediately after it and two hours later the participants of the experiment took blood tests to measure glucose and insulin, and markers of inflammatory processes.

All the men also measured heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature every 15 minutes during bathing. The results showed that only one warm bath increases the level of inflammatory chemicals IL-6 in the bloodstream. The same thing happens during exercise, and this provokes an inflammatory reaction. Peak levels of IL-6 are then replaced by the substances, which reduce the level of inflammation. In addition, the bath also promotes the production of nitric oxide, relaxing the blood vessels and thereby reducing blood pressure. (READ MORE)