After Listeria deaths in Hesse, Germany: the supermarket chain recalls sausage products

The Dutch chain Jumbo is pre-packaged meat and sausage products to remove from their shelves. Reason possible contamination of products with Listeria is.

The &quot reported;product". Therefore, Jumbo asks his customers bought goods in return.

Just a few days ago the company Wilke sausage had been closed were in the Hessian Twistetal-Berndorf, after the same bacteria had been found in their products. Reason two deaths with the Goods of the company in connection were. The probability is, according to the Robert Koch Institute in 99.6 percent of the death cases are due to Listeria in pizza salami and a sausage of the company.

All of the products from the Wilke – with the exception of full – canned food worldwide is called back. Wilke supplies in Germany, especially in Restaurants and large kitchens, but also super markets. Consumer advocates demand that the customer is informed, where Wilke sausages were sold. With the return of markets to call through super is to be expected.

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