Anesthesia doctor in Bavaria, is said to have put 1300 patients in the OP with Hepatitis C

An anesthesia doctor in a large clinic in Donauwörth, in Bavaria, is suspected to have 1300 patients in the operating room with a Hepatitis C infected. The hospital urges on its website patients in whom a specific anesthesiologist performed the anesthesia, to test. Of the 752 patients undergoing the Test so far, was found to be a minimum of 45 infection.

The health Department conducted research, as a doctor reported to him three patients with Hepatitis C infection, all had been in the Donau-Ries clinic treated, such as the picture-the newspaper writes.

The clinic makes contaminated surgical instruments as Vectors of the Virus. The suspect anesthesiologist should medication be dependent, and even anesthetics have been injected. According to his lawyers, the 53 not used-Year-old in favour of the cannula used.

The doctor is no longer contagious

In addition, the doctor knew nothing of his illness. Even in 2016, it has been tested during a Routine Review of 2016 is negative, the following year, no Review was conducted. Only this year one infection was found.

The Augsburg public Prosecutor’s office determined because of bodily injury. Whether the 53-Year-old acted deliberately have not yet review, chief state Prosecutor Matthias Nickolai to the image. After his release, the anesthesiologist started a therapy and is now considered cured. Risk of infection from him, as the newspaper writes further.