Between pregnancies need to wait at least a year

If women wait at least a year between pregnancies, it reduces the risk for their health and for kids. To such conclusion scientists from the USA.

If the pregnancy interval is less than 12 months, the greater the risk to health not only mother but also the unborn child. We are talking about the time difference between the time of the birth of one baby and conceiving another. The spacing between these intervals should be not less than 12 months, the study showed. If it is less, it increases the risk of death or serious illness in the mother and more significantly increases the risk of undesirable health problems of the baby before and after birth. Finally, the short interval between pregnancies can lead to spontaneous premature birth.

Currently, the world health organization recommends that women wait at least two years before the next pregnancy, and the American College of obstetrics and gynecology considers dangerous interval less than 6 months. However, experts recommend that College women seriously weigh the risks and benefits of the second pregnancy after the first birth less than 18 months. And now, a new study has proved that he is the optimal period is a year.

This information will be especially useful for elderly mom, who a long time delayed pregnancy and childbirth in order to focus on work or finding suitable men. Quite often, these women strive to give birth at shorter intervals as they have not much time for natural conception and childbirth. (READ MORE)