Children sweet tooth grow in alcoholics

Nauchnykh IDEFICS, covering eight European countries, presented evidence that a large number of sweet, consumed in childhood contributes to the fact that children over the years grow into alcoholics. Increased risk of developing alcoholism among those who, as children, eat a lot of sweets, scientists associated with the action of sugar in the process of developing a brain hormone dopamine.

“The abuse of sweet detstve contributes to the development of addiction to alkoholu of molodosti,” stated the scientists.
In favor of this conclusion, saying observations conducted in several European countries and covered 16тысяч people age от7до17лет. Scientists studied the dietary habits of juvenile subjects, and conducted interviews with articulada. As a result, they postulated that the link between a sweet tooth in children and the risk that they can grow alcoholics – actually exists.

According to the researchers, sweets (particularly sugar) stimulate the synthesis of brain “pleasure hormone” dopamine. Originated in childhood tendencies to push the production of these substances, giving a sense of security and psychological comfort, due to the sweet transformirovalsya with age, the craving for alcohol, because alcohol also affects the brain the same action. The version of scientists that children with a sweet tooth were more likely to grow up in alcoholics, reinforce and monitor the behavior of adults, trying to deal with alcohol addiction. According to experts, these people will often unconsciously start to eat a lot of sugar.

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