Coffee helps from severe liver disease

A daily Cup of coffee in the diet increases the chances of protection against the development of severe liver disease, is shown by the study under the guidance of doctor of medicine gastroenterologist Craig Lammert of the American Mayo clinic. Scientists claim that coffee helps to prevent the development of autoimmune diseases of this important organ.

According to Dr. Lammert, regular consumption of coffee in moderate doses can stop the initial inflammation of the bile ducts, which provoke the development of fibrosis of the liver tissue. The consequences of this process may be the occurrence of cirrhosis, liver cancer,liver failure.

“This is the primary inflammation is the primary sclerotic cholangitis. This liver disease is of autoimmune nature and its disastrous consequences”, – said the head of research.
Primary sclerotic cholangitis for a long period of time develop symptoms. Inflammation leads to the violation of bile outflow, stagnation and the reverse absorption into the bloodstream – in this context, jaundice. Bile stasis and increased pressure in the biliary tract due to violation of the outflow provoke irreversible changes in the liver cells and their death, which is manifested hepatic failure.

The research of Dr. Lammert has embraced a large number of patients who had discovered the disease of the liver. According to the conclusion of the scientist, the daily amount of water necessary for prevention of threat of liver disease should not exceed one small Cup a day.

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