Colon health depends on feeding in the first 2.5 years of life

Research scientists from the UK have shown that the first thousand days of human life are the main period for the formation of healthy intestinal bacteria. The authors believe that the development positively affect the health of the intestinal microflora contributes to the first feeding for the first 2.5 years of life the mother’s milk.

During the first 2.5 years of a child’s life, as stated by the researchers, “critical to growth and formation of healthy bacteria of the intestine”. Scientific experts say that this period of the beginning of human life determines the structure and functionality of the microbiome of the intestine.

The scientists analyzed stool samples collected from 913 children. This analysis has confirmed that breastfeeding in the first years of life associated with a reduced risk of many diseases like allergies and obesity in connection with the influence of breast milk on health of children’s intestines. If it is not possible for breastfeeding a child for 2.5 years of his life, the child, according to scientists, you need to give formula milk that contains nutrients from breastfeeding and probiotics with bifidobacteria will contribute to the development of healthy bacteria in the gut.

The study showed that in older children as major changes in the composition of the bacterial flora of the intestine is not happening. For intestinal health important it was during the first 2.5 years of life, said experts.

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