Concussion in children does not require rest

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provided updated recommendations for the care of children who recover after a concussion. These recommendations have changed in nature. If the pediatricians were advised to support to these children atmosphere of peace and quiet, now claim that rest is not required, and need activity.

It was believed that after a concussion in children and the body needs more peace of mind. For example, parents of such children are advised to maintain in the rooms is dimming, not to include TV and not to use gadgets. However, research in recent years has presented a lot of evidence to show that a hedge strategy is not true. Moreover, children it only hurts.

Scientists have found that if you keep children in isolation and protect them from any possible excitement for their brain, which in young patients may develop the feeling of social isolation, anxiety or depression. The recovery period may be delayed.

Now what pediatricians think is right for children after a concussion? Allow to be active. Although not to the extent that the child after a trauma like this could, for example, sports.

“Of course, each case must be considered individually, but General guidelines in traumatic brain injury today is as follows – continue to support normal level of brain activity, but with a break in sports”, – said the experts.
According to them, permissible to light physical activity – the same fast walk. To use the gadgets experts also think it is wrong, though warned against permanent “seat in the phone.” In addition, according to them, recovering after a concussion, children may continue to learn – their recovery will be even faster.

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