Congratulations, your son has caught the worst food Allergy!

A tingling sensation in the mouth, a Scratching in the throat, shortness of breath: When Melanie’s seven year old son even comes with a hint of peanut in touch, he reacts so violently, that the ambulance has to come. Melanie reported, what it means, always with the fear of a collapse to life.

My son will be seven soon and is coming in a few weeks in the school. When he was about a year and a half, he got to a birthday party, among other things, a peanut flip in the Finger. At some point we noticed that his eyes were reddened and his nose continuously. That left us no peace, and at the next pediatrician visit, I spoke to it.

I listed what he had eaten everything that day (I had taken down to luck, it was probably the motherly Intuition) and a blood sample in the laboratory, then brought the result. The pediatrician called me the next Morning and said: “congratulations, your son has caught the worst food Allergy!”

If he eats accidentally a peanut

There have already been several dangerous situations, but which are assumed to luck all that bad. Usually it starts with a tingling in the mouth, the fast a Scratching in the throat. The latter means that the breathing swell up the way. In addition, the eyes to swell, and wheals on the whole body. Add to this abdominal pain and Nausea, often with vomiting.

In a bad case, our son has become even blacked out for a second. If no medical help is made, it can lead to anaphylactic shock, which means that the circuit fails, which can be fatal. Very worrying for us is that the reactions of each were different, both what concerns the intensity of the reaction as well as the speed with which it happened.

An incident in Kindergarten would have cost him almost the life

In the worst case, you have to say, unfortunately, quite clear, he may die. Fortunately, this is under our living conditions quite unlikely, but one must not forget it. Particularly dangerous it was shortly after the diagnosis. At the time he was three and a half years old and since half a year in Kindergarten. We didn’t know at the time that he has this Allergy, it would not be he may be alive.

The Kindergarten called, he would have passed out at lunch. Since he has a sensitive stomach and at the time was a stomach-intestinal infection in the circulation, I made no further thought, and made my way. Once there, he limp on the lap of an educator and rubbed constantly the eyes. In addition, his nose, the prospective teachers in delivery, he would have rubbed snot in the eye and just be sick, but I saw the happiness that had formed on his eyelids several hives, and included a large.

We were forgotten in the waiting room

When I saw then on the Allergen labelling of the dining plan, a “S” that was all right, the rescue was called car and we drove to the clinic. There we were forgotten then, tragically, in the waiting room, as I thought, but we were in safe hands and the staff already knows how much latency would be expected, realized I didn’t and I asked for, especially since it was the day extremely full.

I also delivered at the reception Desk several kidney trays vomit, thought so, we would “present”. As our child was, after a fierce scratch attack (hives on the belly) but then suddenly still and limp on my Arm slumped to the ground, I asked a nurse to check his condition.

They measure his blood oxygen level and disappeared. Shortly afterwards, in a panic, came running with a Doctor, grabbed our stuff, told me to run after and within a few seconds, we sat in the treatment room, our child got a emergency syringe and the Doctor was visibly done. We had to spend the night there and the hospital management apologized several times for us.

If he suffers, it breaks my heart

My son understands the Situation and couldn’t comment, fortunately, very early on, clearly, when his body showed a reaction. In addition, he has to luck, even as a small child, has always all of us say Yes, and not just some of the other adopted. We make him aware that he must not eat just anything, and we have controlled it.

Sometimes, however, there are situations in which he becomes enraged (if he’s not allowed to eat “on the go” ice cream), and once he broke out just suddenly in tears and sobbing, dying that he is afraid. The breaks the heart.

The Allergy affects our everyday lives

One hundred percent security, there is never. For example, a representation of power that did not know our son, in Kindergarten, peanuts to the children. Fortunately, the children have beaten the noticed and the Alarm immediately, but such incidents show that we need to update our environment. It is especially important to ensure that when it comes to contact, without delay, must be dealt with: It’s always an emergency must be discontinued!

Outside of the nursery, at least one of the parents is always a part of him or another Person, we are informed, of course. He always has his Emergency kit. This contains two Epipens (self-triggering of adrenaline injection), suppository, his health insurance card and Allergy passport with appropriate instructions.

Difficult things like spontaneous ice cream in the summer, shopping at the Baker’s, restaurant visits… Because we must always be vigilant. Asian food, for example, is no longer possible. In addition, large food corporations need to change a recipe so that we well-known, “safe” foods over and over again to read what’s inside.

Peanuts are integrated in many products

In addition, a lot of people is not aware that peanuts are not nuts (the nuts he can eat). This sometimes leads to misunderstandings. In addition, we are concerned that the peanut as an ingredient is currently experiencing an upswing, there are many products currently on the market that contain peanut. In addition, peanut oil is suitable for tasty and good for frying, which is why more and more French booths require it, so there, too, caution is required.

So far, we have concentrated mainly in the protected space between the nursery and home. With the beginning of school will change much, he will move alone. It makes us restless, but he will learn, just as we do. The fear and the Blades are easy!

Parents send with a list of ingredients if you bake a cake

The most important thing: educate, educate, educate. I can’t hear sometimes, but it is absolutely necessary to make people realise that there is no hysteria, but our child is simply in danger of their lives, if it comes with peanut in touch: A knife, a peanut-containing cake was cut, may not be used for the cake that our son gets to Cutting.

Fortunately, the theme in the nursery is known, and the parents are very loving and understanding, so that our son does not have to feel excluded if a child in Kindergarten bring on the birthday cake. Then mother sends me, for example, on the day before, a text message, in a list of ingredients is Pimp.

With invitations to Dinner with friends, it behaves the same way. More difficult to open barbecue parties or similar, are not, because we simply have to be always running out of time and in case of doubt, the unknown, the salad is not eaten just by the way.

Unbearable realities are often ridiculed

Stupid comments, there are unfortunately still. It certainly helps that the subject of food intolerance is always present, and almost everyone seems to use a little. There are also people who diagnose themselves without any medical Expertise itself, will be commented, for example, lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance in many places, with eye rolls and ridiculed, and in this drawer we land.

That there is a major difference between an intolerance and an Allergy with anaphylaxis risk, most people are, unfortunately, not known. So I don’t want to talk, but both of the above intolerances small.

Ice cream shop changed the recipe for us

But there are also a lot of Positives. The ice cream shop in our neighborhood for example has changed for us is the recipe of an ice cream Flavor, and instead of peanuts, cashews. In addition, the owner calls out to us from afar, if you offer in a single day but time Erdnusseis, so that we can save us to Do that. The is incredibly great.

An urgent appeal I have parents who go with their children on the Playground: Please don’t spread simple Snacks to strangers kids! This is certainly meant to be sweet, but can, unfortunately, do not need to actually have the baby – even if it is equal to such serious consequences as in our case.

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