Corona-the disease is cured in the majority of cases of self – and this is how it works

More and more people are infected worldwide with the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. To the number of those who survived the disease Covid-19 but. Researchers in Australia explain how the body heals itself.

The novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 spreads rapidly. However, although there is still no medication for it, there is a high number genesener people. In China, more than 70,000 people today are considered to be cured of something over 80,000 infected or were (as 23.3.2020). Nearly 3,300 have died and approximately 5000 are currently sick.

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Recovery without medication? Researchers describe the case of an Australian

How can it be that so a large part of the Affected “is just so” healthy again? This question is now investigated by Australian researchers. You have accompanied the case of a 47-year-old Patients and in their recovery in a well in “Nature Medicine”magazine published study accurately described.

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  • The woman complained, therefore, eleven days after returning from Wuhan, fatigue, sore throat, dry cough, pain in the chest, slight shortness of breath and fever. In the case of the shooting in a hospital in Melbourne, the Doctors put a body temperature of 38.5 degrees Celsius at her and a pulse of 120 and a blood pressure of 140 80. On the Exhale, she heard rales in the lungs.

    On the fourth day in the hospital the Doctors found the new Coronavirus in a smear from the nose and throat. The same you observed on days five and six. On day six, they were able to detect the virus in stool and spit – and on day seven of the nasopharyngeal swab was negative, that is to say: The immune system had the infection under control.

    Patient received no medication

    The 47-Year-old recovered in the following days of the disease, without oxygen, steroids or antiviral drugs. On day eleven, she was fired in Self-quarantine to go home and was able to recover according to the report, within the following days. On day 13, the woman was completely symptom-free. Also in the case of a control on day 20 it was still.

    During your treatment, the woman was accompanied by a team of researchers Katherine Kedzierska from the Doherty Institute in Melbourne. It immunological investigations led to the reaction of the immune system understand.  

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    Immune cells in the blood in case of flu symptoms for healing

    “Three days after the patient was admitted in the hospital, we saw large amounts of various immune cells. These are often during a flu season, a first indication that the Patient is recovering. So we predicted that it would recover the patient in three days – and that’s exactly what happened,“ explains Oanh Nguyen, Co-author of the study.

    The first character of a measurable immune response have given it to then, on day seven, as the virus had already disappeared from the smear. There, the Doctors found in the immunological investigation of a rise in the antibody-producing cells. The highest value reached at day eight.   

    T-helper cells, increased monocytes, decreased

    It was at this time an increase in follicular helper T cells. These play an important role in the production of antibodies. Also, the so-called CD8-positive T-increased cells. You have the task to destroy all of the cells in which viruses replicate. Similarly, the so-called CD4 cells, which also belong to the T-helper cells were increased.

    The number of monocytes was reduced in contrast. The author of the study Kedzierka interprets this as a sign that these cells were recruited for the elimination of the consequences of inflammation of the lungs. Because monocytes are the elimination of destroyed cells responsible. The assumption is that the monocytes were excreted from the blood to the site of infection.  

    “We were able to show that although Covid-19 is caused by a novel Virus, a strong immune response across different cell types associated with clinical recovery similar to what we observe in the case of Influenza,” says Katherine Kedzierka.

    This was an “incredible progress” when it comes to understanding the healing of Covid-19. The researchers now hope that their work internationally to expand, to understand, why people Covid-die 19, and further Knowledge for Covid-19 and future viral diseases.

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