DNA damage lead to Vozniknovenie of cancerous tumors

Scientists have learned how there are mutations that appear due to DNA damage and are considered to be the main cause of cancer. They decided to assess the contribution of such violations.

The study’s author Vladimir Seplyarskiy, of the Institute of data transmission problems to them. Kharkevich told that this used an interesting effect. Cells have a repair system, which leads to damage. She works exclusively in the areas of DNA, which is the reading of genes. “We have studied mutations in such circuits. This gave the opportunity to learn a number of the changes caused by DNA failures,” – said the scientist.

Then the researchers figured out what was happening with the defective part of the DNA during cell division. They studied changes in the leading and lagging areas doubling circuit. It works on mutations caused by the development of cancer, and is transmitted hereditary. It turned out that a number of changes that are passed from parents to children, not due to error doubling DNA, and violations of the molecule.

Also the scientists was the question: if mutations cause DNA damage, why their number is linked to the number of doublings of the cell. In order to prove this cell line was irradiated by UV rays. Then conducted 2 experiments: the first increased the delay before the new division for 2 days, and the second allowed the cells to divide normally. It turned out that small pause reduced the mutagenic effect of UV rays up to 30 times, and thus, damages become mutations only when they are formed before the doubling of the cells. This makes it possible to assume that changes in tumors appear only in cells that are actively dividing.

Previously, it was felt that inherits from dad mutation is the result of replication errors. In the new work proved the important role of the DNA damage.