Doctors delivered baby from a giant tumor of the face

A five year old girl went through a unique surgical operation to remove giant face tumour. The tumor was pressed against her throat.

A resident of Chile, Ignacia, Top suffered from lymphangioma neck and face. This is a benign tumorfilled with fluid, which in this case is swelled up to such huge sizes that the baby could hardly breathe. Any further delay in the provision of surgical care could end up very sad. The tumor appeared in the chin area, the girl almost from birth, but some time it not strongly disturbed child. Lymphangioma consists of many small cysts, which can quickly grow. However, these cysts can spontaneously disappear and this is why doctors some time hoped that the child’s condition stabiliziruemost itself.

But this did not happen and Ignacio had to endure a 14-hour surgery to remove the tumors in order for it to not have grown. In the future the girl will have to visit doctors regularly, which should ensure the absence of recurrence. Magicforum recalls that lymphangioma usually develop because of impaired functioning of lymphatic vessels, which are a critical part of the immune system. Sometimes these vessels are out of control, which leads to the development of tumors whose growth is difficult to stop.

Naturally, for girls, this tumor was hard and even in a moral sense, because she saw their differences from other children. Doctors stress that in most cases lymphangioma represents only a small spot on the skin, sometimes they become larger seal. In the case of Ignacia we are talking about a rare and severe case that required surgical care. (READ MORE)