Dog three times found cancer in his mistress on a smell

This lovely dog breed husky three times diagnosed his mistress ovarian cancer. Despite the fact that the doctors every time took are typical of the disease the pain for the investigation of the cyst.

Recently, scientists are exploring the ability of dogs in the diagnosis of malignant tumors. Some breeds smell the urine and even breathing of his master can suspect that something is wrong and report it, as shown by numerous experiments. 52-year-old Stephanie Herfel from California some time felt a strong discomfort in the abdominal area. The woman didn’t want to tempt fate, so she repeatedly went to doctors, but they were constantly diagnosed as a cyst and sent her home with painkillers. However, after a favorite dog breed Siberian husky named Sierra carefully sniffed this part of the body of his mistress, and then swiftly ran away and began to turn in the wardrobe, showing a very strange restlessness, Stefania decided again to go on reception to the gynecologist.

After that she was diagnosed with third stage ovarian cancer, fortunately it’s treatable. The woman was operated on in November 2013, she went through a complete hysterectomy, chemotherapy and splenectomy. Happy Stephanie was sure that we were able to overcome the disease, but in 2015, Sierra once again began to behave restlessly. Again, the survey revealed the presence of ovarian cancer. In 2016 the dog the third time, showed strange behavior, after which the woman already and she did not doubt that the sickness had another relapse. And so it happened, but now Stephanie could like finally to deal with the insidious illness.

Today she hugs the dog and says that without the help of the Sierra would have long died. This story once again shows what a huge help Pets can provide the person in this issue as the diagnostics of malignant neoplasms. Therefore, all work in this direction should continue and even expand. (READ MORE)