Due to allergies in the winter the girl in danger of dying

21-year-old girl suffering from strange types of Allergy – for the winter. So sad for her that she lives in Canada, where winter lasts a long time.

Arianna Ken suffers from allergies in the winter, and we are not talking about that because of cold weather she gets in a mood and fatigue comes. She shows a very real Allergy in which the skin is covered with urticaria, and the body can experience anaphylactic shock in the case of the common cold. It is sufficient that the temperature on the thermometer is headed for zero or has fallen below that mark. Doctors diagnosed the girl called cold urticaria, and the saddest thing is that Arianna lives in Canada, the climate is very similar to the weather the Central part of Russia.

Whenever you out in the cold a girl runs the risk of very painful and burning urticaria. In some months because of his allergies, she goes to the hospital several times a month. While hometown Ariana is Edmonton, where once was a recorded temperature of -40C. The result is a greater part of the winter season, the girl tries not to leave the house, because it is difficult even to get to the car. If you must go out, for a five-minute walk Arianna have to insulate it like the explorers in Antarctica.

Note that this type of urticaria accounts for approximately 3% of all cases. Also called urticaria this disease affects one person in every five at some stage of life. The exact cause of cold urticaria Neizvestny. Perhaps the roots of this disease to any disorder of the blood or it is a consequence of the infection, scientists believe. Only proven that this Allergy in the winter is not transmitted genetically. (READ MORE)