Eating clay will help to overcome obesity

Can eating dirt be treatment of obesity? Spoon the earth is able to clean out the fat from the body, the study showed.

In fact, the eating of inedible objects is a recognized medicine mental eating disorder called pica, but sometimes the use of specific kinds of dirt for dinner can help the body. In particular, this dirt can prevent obesity due to leaching of excess fat from the system. Australian researchers found that suffer from obesity rats by eating specific varieties of clay lose weight much more successfully compared to those rodents who were given only medication for losing excess weight. Note that in the history there were cases treatment of eating dirt and earth. In particular, the ancient Greeks practiced such “dishes” with therapeutic purpose.

Today celebrities such as Elle MacPherson and actress Shailene Woodley use clay as a means of detoxification. However, until recently, any serious scientific researches never confirmed the effectiveness of this somewhat strange trend. Eating land occurs as a deviation, for example it is very common among pregnant women and children, and in medicine it is called pica. Even Hippocrates described how pregnant women eating soil, making the assumption that their children will inherit such a passion.

Scientists from the University of South Australia found that certain dirt gives the body something more than just an upset stomach. Clay particles attract fat and literally merge with them. And then these structures out of the body, thereby eliminating the significant amounts of excess weight. (READ MORE)