Erin Oprea Shares 3 Calorie-Torching Thanksgiving Day Workouts

As a former U.S. Marine, Erin Oprea is dedicated to fitness. Now a Nashville-based personal trainer with clients like Carrie Underwood and a member of PEOPLE’s Health Squad, she uses her expertise to help those with busy lives stay fit. Visit her site Oprea Personal Fitness or follow her on Twitter @OpreaFitness. 

One of the best ways to start a traditionally unhealthy holiday is to make sure you get in a bum-kicking workout that morning. After you’ve spent the time and energy working out, your fitness goals will be top of mind and you’ll be reminded to take it easy on the heavy foods.

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My husband and I always run a race on Thanksgiving morning for this very reason. So, with your health in mind, I challenge you to jump, kick and sweat during this great — albeit food-heavy — holiday.

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Try getting your friends and family involved so you can all stay fit together. And remember you can do this series any day, not just on the holidays!

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