Everything under control: 10 Lithgow, not to gain extra weight during pregnancy

It is high time to forget that during pregnancy you need to eat “for two”. Doctors believe that pregnancy is a time when the weight you need to follow a particularly hard. It’s set above normal, threatening the health of the child. But a cleanse is not an option. What should I do?

1. Past the fitness room
Not shown any activity during pregnancy. Hiking have almost no contraindications and is not only help to keep weight under control, but also reduce the risk of developing varicose veins. Therefore, it is not necessary to go to the gym. With a clear conscience, to pass by. Don’t forget comfortable shoes and clothes, and after the 20th week of pregnancy – about the bandage and compression stockings.

2. Sex has not been canceled

If a gynecologist has nothing against, engage in more sex with the father of her unborn child. And not only that, during sex have to move. Sex increases the level of serotonin – the pleasure hormone. A good mood – reliable protection from overeating.

3. Not all at once
“Abstain from flour, sweet, fried, fatty,” the chanting nutritionists. But it’s impossible to abandon all at once. We suggest you choose one thing to give, for example, from sugar. Accustomed, get something else. The transition to proper nutrition must be gradual.

4. Snack always with you
Carry snacks with you – a granola bar, fruit, dried fruit, favorite bread. This protects you from eating the first counter of fast food, you will certainly be attacked, feeling hungry.

5. Feelings under control

The rule is: not hungry do not eat. It would seem to be obvious. Alas, not always the food goes in the mouth due to hunger. Sometimes we seize boredom, resentment, anger, or, conversely, the joy. How to distinguish real hunger from the imaginary? If at this point, even the bread seems to you a masterpiece of Haute cuisine – so, really hungry.

6. To plan
What you will eat for lunch, dinner and snack? If you do not know – so will eat everything and is guaranteed to go over on calories. Pregnancy is a time when the diet should be planned. Woke up this morning and made up the menu for the day.

7. Eliminate hidden salt

Very often, the weight creeps up due to swelling. Salt, incidentally, is the first culprit of water retention in the body. Almost do not salt the food? So, the problem in products with hidden salt. Salt in monstrous quantities contained in the sausage, cheese, canned fish, black bread, industrial sauces, ketchup and the fast food – dumplings, pizza, fish sticks, etc. still say “generally” don’t eat salt?

8. Fast carbohydrates to forget
About nutrition principles which is more important than ever during pregnancy, you probably know. And if you don’t pay attention, perhaps the main point of this program is to eliminate fast carbs. Yes, carbohydrates are quick, and there are slow. Fast – from floury to sweet – almost immediately deposited on the waist and hips, and raise the blood sugar.

9. Her Majesty the fiber
You love vegetables or do not like during pregnancy have inflamed them much love. At least 50% of the diet should be they. First, it is low in calories and satisfying. Secondly, that’s a lot of minerals and vitamins. In third is cellulose, which is a wonderful influence on intestinal motility and relieves us of constipation.

10. And again about yoga
Traditionally we remind you about yoga – perhaps the best sport for pregnant women. Yoga relaxes and tones at the same time. Brings order to mental balance (imbalance compels us to go to the refrigerator for comfort). Great and prepares pelvic muscles for the most exciting day in every woman’s life – childbirth.