Fat is in the genes – but you can’t everything on the slide

An increased risk for obesity may have several causes: studies show, however, that the genetic aspect is the biggest risk factor. An expert says, what other factors are there, and why is Obesity still not inevitable.

  • Obesity is, according to the Definition of the German obesity society BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 30.
  • Children of obese parents have a greater risk of also obese.
  • Researchers suspect that the type of birth may be a critical factor in whether children become obese.
  • If severely obese mothers before pregnancy lose weight, you can reduce the risk of your child.

“I got it from my parents” – many patients with Obesity take refuge in this Phrase, in order to justify himself. Previously, they had been often from Doctors, ridiculed, says Gert Bischoff. However, the diet doctors at the Munich hospital Barmherzige Brüder makes it clear that the people Concerned are absolutely right. He emphasizes at the same time that obesity is still not fateful disease.

Obese parents inherit your risk

This statement sounds contradictory, but it is obvious when you consider A risk for a disease does not automatically mean that these breaks actually. “Even if one has the Disposition for obesity, it is 100 percent influenced, whether one gets it,” says Bischoff. So the good news is that you can always drive against Obesity. The poor children of important parents strongly over it especially hard.

Because of the main factor that increases before birth, the risk for obesity is genetic predisposition of the parents. This is evidenced by many studies. Compared to the normal population and compared with lean parents, children of obese fathers and mothers have a greater risk of also obese. To be precise, the not so Bischoff let.

A further genetic factor: A study conducted by Berthold Koletzko, head of the Department of metabolism and nutrition at the children’s hospital, University of Munich, has shown that It is not the mere inheritance, even the so-called epigenetics plays an important role. This means that external influences change the activity of our genes.

Pre-pregnancy slimming

Our genes we can’t change, but they are not all active at all times. For the risk to inherit Obesity, it means If an overweight woman slimming before pregnancy, in the metabolism of other genes are active, as if you don’t do this. Even if it was before your whole life obese, the child through the prenatal weight loss a lower risk.

“The basic idea in obese people is usually: you get a genetic risk of the parents, and then to poor diet and lack of exercise. These are the three main factors that cause obesity,“ explains Bischoff. It is a combination of a relatively large number of blocks, so a, the result is that children are thick.

Wrong diet promotes Obesity

According to the genetics, the right education in terms of nutrition is, according to the doctors in children is important. Previously, experts had believed that this is the main role of what have been seen in twin studies.

Today, eating is dense, high-calorie available always and everywhere, complains the expert. It’ll be cooked in the families, parents accessed more frequently to ready-made meals. Our food is always of sugar-, fat – and calorie-rich. Parents should encourage their children at an early stage, what is good and healthy food your own food.

Vaginal birth or by cesarean section

In addition to genetics, poor diet and little exercise, there is another aspect: the connection between obesity in the parents, the intestinal microbiome (commonly as intestinal flora), and the type of birth section vaginal or by caesarean. Numerous studies have already addressed the question: does the Microbiome have a decisive influence on the risk to be severely overweight?

The fact is that the intestinal flora has a major influence on many metabolic processes. Each person has a slightly different Microbiome, but there are three to four stereo types that repeat often. In the case of this specific group of bacteria is particularly in the foreground. And there is an “obesity-risk-Microbiome”. “It is demonstrably so that people with certain gut bacteria metabolize their food differently,” explains Bischoff. Simply put: The body can absorb the calories better for the Obese at a disadvantage.

“You don’t know exactly what is hen and what the Egg is because our diet changed the Microbiome,” says the physician. If a transferred change important his diet and his weight reduced, then also Microbiome changes. Therefore, researchers could not classify the interactions.

Is also: When a child has a vaginal birth, there is a different risk than if it came by caesarean section on the world – and to hang with the intestinal bacteria.

A study of 935 parent-child pairs showed that infants were at the age of three years, three times more likely to be overweight if they were vaginal to have been born and their mothers were pre-pregnancy overweight.

Whether, and how, exactly, obese mothers give birth to their Microbiome to their children, however, is not yet fully understood. The diet doctors criticized: “It has not been studied carefully, such as the Microbiome in the case of the parents is put together – but only that of the child.”

Anyone who believes dick to be innate, lives unhealthy

A much-cited study from the year 2015, but points to another factor: those Who believe that dick was his innate, eat in the consequence more unhealthy and increased obesity risk. The right Motivation is particularly important for obesity prevention or treatment, explains Bischoff. It is the task of the therapist to convey to the patients: “of Course it is more difficult for you, but you can still do something.”

In the case of the classical treatment of obesity experts work with a nutrition counseling, exercise therapy and behavioural measures. Only if that doesn’t lead to long-term success, it is necessary to consider a surgical solution, advises Bischoff. The but is always the last step. With regard to the prospects of success in the fight against obesity, the same is true: The earlier a person in his life obese, the harder it is to change the state again. Therefore, the patient should begin as early as possible in therapy.

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