First breast cancer, then PNS: So brave Male (26) fights against two insidious diseases

Over a year ago times Kirking received the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. Shortly thereafter, the Tumor triggered a further disease in the 26-Year-old – the Paraneoplastic syndrome. In this case, the immune system incorrectly considers the cerebellum as a Tumor, to fight. Times is always dizzy, you can not walk, has difficulty Speaking. But she’s not giving up – also thanks to the donations of numerous supporters.

Over a year ago, the 26-year-old Male received Kirking, from Düsseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia, the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. It all started with a red stain under the armpit, the first for a pimple has held.

“It was breast cancer,” says the times of the “image”-newspaper. But it got worse. Shortly thereafter, the Tumor triggered a more disease – paraneoplastic syndrome (PNS). In this case, the immune system incorrectly considers the cerebellum as a Tumor, to fight. The consequences are serious: the brain cells that control mainly the motor skills of the body, to die one after the other. Times can only speak with effort, you can’t walk, shakes uncontrollably, looks durable, double-images, and makes uncontrolled movements. You have to rely always on the help. GoFundMe. The of their disease and the chemotherapy-drawn times with your friend, Nadiem.

Unusual in it, especially your age, is a physician of the &quot explained;Bild"-Newspaper: "In my 30-year career, I had no so young to be Concerned that these two diseases hat", Prof. Dr. Thomas Klockgether, Director of the clinic for neurology at the University clinic in Bonn says.

"Two life-threatening diseases in my Körper"

On the “GoFundMe”page, on which the young woman can be supported with donations, writes the times: “two life-threatening diseases in my body. The one is the other is not researched.“ The cancer has been defeated, in the meantime, against PNS, you still fighting – every single day.

You no longer had to give up her Job as a photographer because you have to hold the camera and the images can’t edit on the PC. The apartment in Dusseldorf, she had, according to the “Bild”-Zeitung, shortly before the diagnosis with her friend, Nadiem, she had to leave. Now she lives again with her parents. GoFundMe. Times with your friend, Nadiem in front of the lengthy treatment.

But the times doesn’t give up. “I don’t know, and can tell me also not a doctor, if I’m ever healthy again. But I’ve announced my illness to the fight,“ she writes combative on the Internet.

So times will make your rare disease

You so that other people don’t want to make your disease publicly and draw attention to the rare paraneoplastic syndrome of the draw,”
detected PNS at an early stage and the science sees a reason to investigate curative measures“, as the times writes. To this end, you create a documentary about your life with this disease. “So we can prevent together, that there will be more people the Same as I right now are living through.”

On your donation page are now getting more than 16.700 Euro. “Love times”, writes a donor, “we wish you all love and Good. We have heard of it and cross our fingers for you and wish you health and much strength for the journey.“ Another commented: “I would like to, that you can eventually be back behind the camera and your passion for photography never lose! Greetings and God’s blessing.“ If you want to support the times in its fight against the paraneoplastic syndrome, you can do that on the “GoFundMe”page of the 26-Year-old.

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