Flu in the News Ticker: experts check the unequal distribution of flu vaccine

The flu season has already begun. The vaccine against Influenza is scarce. The last season was already as heavily: More than 1600 people died. However, it is not the only danger during the disease season. FOCUS Online will inform you about the developments.

  • The flu wave begins to experience according to in the autumn
  • A vaccination is recommended for certain groups of people such as the Elderly and Pregnant women
  • The first Influenza-Infected reported in Germany

Experts observe uneven distribution of the fluvaccine

Tuesday, 13. November, 11.03 PM: In some Parts of Germany can, according to the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI) is currently not immediately be vaccinated against influenza. There are regional shortages and we are trying to figure out where you are, said spokeswoman Susanne Stöcker in Long. This is not to try the PEI via a reporting system, the results would be but still. In General, we observe no nationwide vaccine shortage.

According to information of the German family doctors ‘ Association, for example, is reported from lower Saxony bottlenecks. Difficulties in the supply of Influenza vaccines were regional differences. Overall, wave after violent Flu in the past year, more people vaccinate: We get out of the offices more feedback that the demand for flu vaccinations has increased, said the national Chairman Ulrich Weigeldt.

The regional shortages are, according to the assessment of the PEI is more of a distribution problem. Overall, the PEI have been released so far, 15.7 million doses, which would need to cover the current needs. There is an unequal distribution, what it is, we can’t say, according to the spokeswoman. This attempts to clarify the PEI.

Generally the manufacturers choose according to PEI itself, how much you will deliver when where. We have no insight into the trade chain, horse mackerel. Out of place, but that there are certain focal points that can draw the attention of the PEI to the company. There are every year reports of regional supply bottlenecks and still remain each year after the end of the season vaccine left. The debate about potential supply shortages have begun this year, but particularly early, according to the spokeswoman.

According to Figures from the Federal Ministry of health, the flu has triggered in the last season in Germany, around nine million visits to the doctor, and has led to nearly 2000 deaths.

Background: How do you recognise a flu

The flu comes on suddenly and with a strong feeling of illness. The Symptoms:

  • Pain in the limbs,
  • Cold symptoms,
  • Chills and
  • high fever.

The Patient feels miserable, weak, and powerless, and must at least beware of bed for a week.

For a definite diagnosis a blood test is necessary. Because the flu is only triggered by Influenza-viruses. A flu infection, however, can have different triggers.

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