Flu shots can save in heart failure

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) reported that flu shots help victims of heart failure. These shots keep the cores from premature death.

“The regular flu shots can save lives of elderly patients with heart failure,” – said, in particular, scientific experts.
The researchers found that flu shots protect these patients from premature death. According to their calculations, flu shots for heart failure by almost 18% to reduce the chance of premature death and 19% chance of sudden death in connection with exacerbations of heart problems.

“Even if patients with heart failure are immunized against flu at least once a year, it still saves as it reduces the risk of death by any cause by 13% and cardiovascular complications by 8%”, – informed the Danish scientists.
The experts reminded that for people with heart failure aged over 65, the flu can be deadly. It is associated with disturbances in the circulatory system and other serious complications in the body such patients. In turn, flu shots can be according to researchers is “relatively safe and affordable method of improving the survival among elderly patients with heart failure.”

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