For the first Time in history: female child from womb gives birth to from a dead donor

To date a woman for a uterus transplant and needed a living donor. Now, Doctors have reached for the first time, with the body of a dead donor for a successful pregnancy. This improves the options for some women with a desire to have children significantly.

For the first time a woman has been associated with the uterus of a dead organ donor is a child to the world. The child was born after an inconspicuous pregnancy already by the end of 2017 in Brazil to the world, as the Team of Dani Ejzenberg of the University hospital of São Paulo, in the journal The Lancet reported. The doctors speak of a proof of concept, the upgrade for many women, the Chance of offspring. An Italian physician, announced the success in a Lancet commentary, a breakthrough in the field of uterine transplants.

The first birth after the transplantation of a uterus had reached in September 2013, the Swedish physicians – however, the Organ from a living donor was. Since then, eleven such children are, according to the Lancet. However, all Attempts so far, with the bodies of the Deceased failed.

A woman suffered from a rare malformation of the uterus

The Brazilian Doctors treated a woman with the so-called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKHS) is a rare congenital malformation, especially of the uterus is absent or barely formed. In September 2016, the got the then 32-Year-old the uterus of a 45-year-old woman implanted, which had brought into her life three children, of course, to the world. The donor had suffered a stroke and brain death.

In a more than ten-hour Operation, the Team Ejzenberg, the 32-planted the Organ of a Year, and stitched it vessels with the blood and the Vagina. The recipient, who took immunosuppressants, developed tions, five months later, regular period.

Before the transplant, the woman’s eggs were collected and artificially fertilized. Seven months after surgery, she received the fertilized eggs, which developed in the transplanted uterus is normal. In the 36. Week of pregnancy, brought on by Doctors by cesarean section to a 2550-gram, and 45 centimeters large, healthy girl to the world. In the procedure, the uterus was removed. Seven months after the birth the mother and child were, according to the report, fine.

New hope for women with endometrial-based infertility

The use of deceased donors could expand access to this treatment, and our results demonstrate the feasibility of a new Option for women with endometrial-based infertility, is quoted by the gynecologist Ejzenberg in a Lancet-release. The first births after womb transplants from living donors had been a medical milestone, however, such donations are very rare. The Numbers of people who are willing to donate organs after their death, are much larger than those of living donors, and thus offer much greater potential.

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The Reproductive medicine Antonio Pellicer from the IVI clinic for reproductive medicine in Rome, speaks in his commentary of a breakthrough. Now we have to clarify which groups would qualify as donors and recipients in question and what is the approach for the Transplantation as well as in the subsequent further treatment of the success was promising. All in all, should increase the research in this area (from living and deceased donors), the Rate of live births to maximize the risks for the procedure the patients involved (donor, recipient and unborn child) minimize and maximize the availability of organs.

The Uterus can be removed after pregnancy

The special feature is that the surgery, a temporary transplant, said Xavier Rogiers, head of the transplant centre at the University hospital of Ghent in Belgium. The Uterus is removed after one or two successful pregnancies again, therefore, the immunosuppression can be stopped. This Form of Transplantation have all the chances to play a very important role in the future treatment of such forms of infertility. The removal of the Uterus could be integrated after the first experience of his team easy in the current sampling sequence for organ donation. Condition is surgeon a highly experienced Team of Wombs specialised transplant.

Sceptical Matthias Beckmann, Director of the women’s clinic at the University in Erlangen. He was not convinced that the Transplantation of Uteri will respond to any deceased women in the clinical Routine, he said. The Uterus will be taken during organ donation as a Final, thus its quality is declining. The structural requirements for removal and Implantation, the knowledge about the short – and long-term consequences, the Information on the modification of the technique and so on are all indications that this procedure should be a procedure which is only performed in highly specialized centers selectively.