Genetics of Ufa have learned to predict Allergy

Genetics of Ufa after 20 years of research have learned to predict the Allergy, for which they have been awarded this year’s national award. According to experts, the cause of the disease lies not so much in heredity as in the environment, gender, and ethnic characteristics.

In order to develop a methodology for the prediction of Allergy, scientists from Ufa DNA was isolated from various biological materials including saliva and blood. Received in the tubes, the samples undergo several stages of purification and only after that experts start to study them. Through special equipment the particles are analyzed for the presence of allergic vulnerabilities. 2 hours of work instrument called a thermocycler at the same time checks nearly 100 DNA samples, displaying the results on a computer monitor. Graphic and gives the experts an idea about the predisposition of a person to allergies.

Research staff said: to introduce the obtained results, it is important to the appearance of the first signs of disease, because then the person can change their lifestyle and eating habits, the correct to decide on a specialty that would not provoke the aggravation of the disease, and the like.

Now the highlights of the scientific work Ufa geneticists are widely used as the theoretical material in lectures and seminars for students of the Bashkir state University and the medical school. In the first of these institutions the results of the study are also used in practice.

“Genetics is the science of the future. In the short term it will cease to surprise the citizens, have become an everyday part of their lives”, – experts say.