Here's Exactly What To Expect From Your Sex Life In November

Our sex lives are filled with ups and downs and this month is no exception.

If you’ve been grappling with some relationship issues, they’re going to crop up again around the 16th. Mercury goes retrograde on the 15th, stirring up your need to rethink things. Is your relationship really working for you or is there some solid room for improvement? Don’t be afraid to speak up about your needs.

It’s not all serious, though. The full moon on the 23rd bubbles up a sense of wildness for you, so don’t hesitate to indulge in a little fantasy—or three—around this time. You’ll finish out the month with a really strong desire to work on your communication.

Here’s what else is in store for you this month, according to Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counselling psychology.

1. ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19)

You’ve got hot sex on the brain, and you’re going to get it. The new moon on the 7th has you thinking overtime about getting up close and personal with someone. When Uranus moves into your sign on the 6th, you’ll start to rethink your sex life: Are you getting what you need, or is there more to be desired?

When Venus goes direct on the 16th, you’ll spot plenty of potential partners. Don’t be afraid to act on them, but be aware that a new romantic interest may want to get more serious than you’re ready for.

2. TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20)

Compromise is key, and that’s going to be crystal clear to you around the 7th. How much does it really matter in the big picture if you win this debate? Just something to keep in mind.

When Venus, your ruling planet, goes direct on the 16th, you’ll find that things suddenly feel seamless again in your sex life. Single? Now is a good time to get out there. You’ll meet someone who has a similar personality to yours—score.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 16th, putting sex on the brain. Now is a great weekend to get away with your S.O. and…well, you know.

3. GEMINI (MAY 21–JUNE 20)

If you’re single and interested in a relationship, you’ll have lots of prospective partners to choose from. In a relationship? Communication is key, especially around the middle of the month. Don’t be afraid to speak up if your love life is interfering with your ability to get things done at work.

The full moon on the 23rd has you surrounded by people with strong ideas and opinions. While you can hold your own, don’t be afraid to listen and open yourself up to something new.


The new moon on the 7th is all about love affairs for you, so don’t be afraid to dive into something new and spicy. When Uranus moves into Aries on the 6th, it can stir up a fighting energy for you. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind to your S.O. if something doesn’t feel right.

Venus, the planet of beauty, goes direct on the 16th. You’ll suddenly have the urge to make your bedroom look way better than it currently does. And oh hey, after it looks so great, why not show it off to a certain someone…

5. LEO (JULY 23–AUGUST 22)

Compromise is the name of the game, especially around the 7th. When Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on the 8th, it stirs up a positive, fun energy in your love life. If you’re single, just get out and meet new people. It could lead to something new and exciting, especially if you keep an open mind.

Around the middle of the month, you’ll be all about having some good old-fashioned sweaty hot sex. Don’t let that energy go to waste.

The full moon on the 23rd is between your house of romance and friendships. A buddy has their eye on you…do you really want to go there?


If you’re in a relationship, you could find yourself thinking about taking the next step together around the 8th. Maybe it’s moving in together, getting engaged, or having a baby.

The full moon on the 23rd highlights the sectors between your work world and love life. Is everything balanced? If not, it’s time to make some changes.

When Mars moves into Pisces on the 15th, you’ll feel motivated to put some energy into your sex life. So, bust out the good lingerie and, if you’re single, get out there and meet some new people. You’ll be surprised who you find.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is moving direct, getting things moving in your love life. Feel like you haven’t been going anywhere in your relationship recently? That’s about to change. When Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on the 8th, you’ll find your in-bedroom communication is next-level. Speak up about what you want—you’ll definitely get it.

When Mercury goes retrograde in your house of communication on the 16th, an ex you haven’t been in touch with for a while suddenly shows up again. Proceed with caution on that one…


Mars moves into your house of love affairs, putting inspiration and effort into your love life—whether you’re in a LTR or not. So, pick up a new toy and pull out all the romantic stops.

When Venus goes direct on the 16th, you’ll be ready to make your fantasies a reality. Toward the end of the month, you’ll have a serious desire to connect intimately with other people, making it a sexy weekend for you. BTW: If you’re not getting what you want, ask for it.


Sure, sex and romance can be really serious sometimes. This is not that time. When Uranus moves into Aries on the 6th, it sparks a major good-time vibe with you. You’re ready to focus on fun and nothing else.

And, if you haven’t been having fun in your dating life or LTR, it’s time to shake things up. When Jupiter moves into your sign on the 8th, some new opportunities come your way. Maybe it’s a new someone, or maybe it’s a hot new sex position you’re curious to try. Whatever it is, just dive in.


When Mars moves into Pisces on the 15th, you’ll need to tune in to how you’re communicating in the bedroom. You’ve been telling your partner what you want, but are you being as clear as needed? If they’re not getting the message, it’s time to change tactics.

Single? Around the 16th, you may meet someone through work, and that could develop into something more.


It can be tricky to juggle money and love. But if you feel like finances aren’t balanced in your relationship, you’ll feel the urge to speak up on the 15th, when Mars moves into the finance sector of your chart.

Venus goes direct on the 16th, making it a great time to get away with your S.O. Single? You can meet someone around this time when you’re traveling.

The full moon on the 23rd highlights romance for you, so do it up right: candles, flowers, you know the drill. If you’re single, a few new possibilities will pop up by end of the month.


Sharing is caring, Pisces, and when Venus moves direct on the 16th you’ll be all about sharing new ideas with your S.O. Whip out that new move you’ve been thinking about and explore it together.

If you’re single, someone wants to fix you up with a friend. Give it a chance—it could turn out to be something bigger than you think. When Neptune moves direct on the 24th, you’ll feel really in sync with your bedmate. Don’t let that sexy intuition go to waste.

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