How can affect the health of the barometric pressure differential

In Moscow a few days was extremely low, close to record atmospheric pressure. But on October 26 the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological Roman Vilfand said that by the end of the weekend the pressure will go up and will be extremely high. Whether this difference is harmful to health?

According to Vilfand, atmospheric pressure in Moscow will rise to levels 765-770 mm Hg. article is it Worth it to fear? Russian scientist, associate Professor, Department of faculty therapy of medical faculty of the First Moscow state medical University them. I. M. Sechenov Anton Rodionov noted that the lack of sun in the autumn-winter period is much more dangerous than changes in atmospheric pressure.

The scientist stressed: “to Feel the difference within a few days, as in the case of atmospheric pressure, the person is not capable of.”
You can often hear the opinion that the pressure drop in the atmosphere primarily affects people who have problems with blood pressure – hypotensive and hypertensive patients. But Rodionov noticed that hypotension is not a disease, and high blood pressure usually take medications, and additional medications due to weather do not need changes.

The expert added that during the flight in the airplane the pressure drop is much more significant and is comparable with the rise in the mountains on 2-2,5 thousand m Magicforum Previously wrote about the fact that space has a detrimental effect on the brain people.