How to rejuvenate hands are: the secret of Madonna and other ways

A woman looking at the ageless stars are sure to achieve the result of helping them difficult and expensive beauty treatments. But some tricks are quite affordable.The age of the woman gives, first and foremost, the skin on the hands and neck. But many women are not willing to accept the emerging signs of aging and are making every effort to maintain or regain youthful skin.

One of these women is the world-famous singer Madonna. Regular exercise and yoga enabled her to maintain an excellent figure, calls admiration men and envy of many women. The only thing that spoiled the image of the last time: the star had to hide his hands in gloves. Everything has changed dramatically since then, as Madonna took a course of regermanization in England, after which her hands look dazzling young. Photos published in the Daily Mirror, attest to the impressive results achieved in the application of this method.

Here the hands of the singer in 2006

And here after a recent course of regermanization

That’s what it means to use the latest scientific achievements …

Redermalization: the essence of the procedure

Redermalization injection procedure, the essence of which is rejuvenation of the skin due to the impact on metabolic and biochemical processes the updates in its deepest layers. Therefore, changes occur not only on an external level, but also at the level of cells. The procedure is aimed directly at the causes of aging of the skin.

Redermalization is recommended for prevention and positive solutions to the following problems:

  • Chrono – and photoaging;
  • premature aging caused by Smoking, prolonged use of chemicals, accommodation in metropolis, serious diseases;
  • dehydrated and aging skin;
  • elimination of fine wrinkles, dark circles periorbital area;
  • correction of scarring;
  • to prepare the skin for deep and medium peels to optimize the final result and reduce the rehabilitation period.


Hyaluronic acid has long established itself as a tool that slows skin aging. Because it is produced by the cells of the dermis (layer of skin) and protects against dehydration our natural protective cover. But the combination with succinic acid is a new and powerful combination, because it is a substance involved in the processes of cell respiration, but also blocks free radicals that damage the body. It is obvious that the restoration of the skin water balance and its enrichment with oxygen is the key to the rejuvenation.

The procedure of regermanization allows you to:

  • to restore the condition of the skin at the cellular level;
  • moisturize, raise elasticity and elasticity of the skin;
  • to normalize the color and texture of the skin;
  • to eliminate signs of aging and fatigue.

How is the procedure

The procedure can be called with an injection of youth and beauty. The time is about 1.5 hours. During the session the beautician gives 80-100 punctures of the drug in the middle layer of the skin, thereby stimulating collagen production and reducing signs of pigmentation. The recommended course of regermanization is: 3 treatments, 1 every 2 weeks.

After the procedure the patient is covered with papules, which are going in 2 days, what the redermalization is sometimes called the pearl therapy, but this effect quickly disappears. Madonna, for example, wore gloves no more than 36 hours after the procedure. We cannot say that the procedure is too painful, but it requires a bit of patience and endurance. But the result is worth the wait. As for Madonna, she has gained a noticeable effect already after the third session.

In England this method became widespread not so long ago and extremely high demand from clients of cosmetic clinics. The Madonna, as reported by the Daily Mirror, went through the redermalization at the London clinic cosmetology Institute Hyalual?.

Redermalization in Ukraine

If such a procedure in our country? In Ukraine there are 3 clinics Swiss brand Institute Hyalual?, who is the founder of this method of skin rejuvenation. One clinic is located in Kharkiv, two in Kiev.

In London, according to Daily Mirror, one such procedure cost 250. We have it, fortunately, much more accessible.

Expert opinions

Redermalization is not just another injection, a new word in natural skin rejuvenation. The procedure has proven itself as an effective solution of several problems of aging: wrinkles, pigmentation, turgor and elasticity of the skin. A high safety profile and wide range regermanization give you the opportunity to find the right individual path for everyone. This is the best choice among a huge number of modern injection techniques, skin rejuvenation , – says the doctor-dermatologist with international experience Viktor Shavlak.

Due to the high efficiency of the procedure, according to well-known in Eastern Europe, doctor cosmetologist Monika Krlikowska-Antczak, redermalization is a key component in modern aesthetic medicine. In open source is comments by experts from different countries about regermanization.Dr. Reza MIA (Dr. Reza Mia) from South Africa appreciates the opportunities for doctors with regermanization:

We had the opportunity to treat problems that previously could not handle. We are exploring additional possibilities of application of the redermalization. It enlarged the field of aesthetic medicine. We now have many areas for new research.

Iryna Stewart (Irina Stewart), who has been practicing mesotherapy over the last 10 years in a clinic in Central London, speaks of regermanization as follows:

It struck me through a fantastic performance. Although one treatment and similar in cost to what you at one time used a whole Cup of premium cream, but in this case, the effect is noticeable instantly. Arms, chest, neck will quickly regain youthful appearance.

Depending on the nature of the state changes hands, there are other ways of rejuvenation. We have collected opisaniyami effective ones.

Damage caused by sun exposure

The tone and texture of the skin can deteriorate after a few years the accumulated impact of such factors as solar radiation, cold winter temperatures and environmental pollution. Most people are beginning to notice the appearance of sunspots and other negative consequences of influence of the sun after 35 years. Your skin becomes dull and rough to the touch.

The best procedure

  • Laser resurfacing. This non-invasive laser treatment, which causes peeling of the outer layer of the skin to improve both texture and tone. The procedure can also minimize the manifestation of sun spots on the skin.
  • The chemical peeling. A great way to lighten sun spots and skin in General. During the peeling on the hands to apply a special solution that provokes a controlled exfoliation of the skin cells. It allows you to create new layers, creating a fresh appearance and smoother texture to the skin surface.
  • Phototherapy of использованиеминтенсивногоимпульсногосвета (abbreviated as IPL). During the procedure uses accurate amount of visible light for effective treatment of pigmentation and sun damage. IPL phototherapy can effectively deal with the redness and brown age spots, improves the condition of sun damaged skin.

Sagging and wrinkles

Over time, the skin on the hands (and on all other areas of the body) exposed to the negative effects of lower production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that help skin stay supple and taut. Gradually, the elasticity decreases as the dense mesh network of fiber under the skin begins to weaken, causing the skin to SAG. This process is accompanied by the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The best procedure

  • Laser procedure. The best way to tighten skin is different laser treatments such as Fraxel Dual or Ultherapy. These methods of skin treatment using laser technology to heat collagen under the skin’s surface, causing the skin to pull. Treatments also stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, leading to long-term effect.

Castlefest, the loss of volume

Aging leads to depletion of adipose and other tissues under the skin. This loss of volume makes the arms very thin – bones and sinews begin to protrude and become more visible. The only way to fix the loss of volume is to fill it.

The best procedure

  • Dermal fillers. Dermal fillers such as Restylane or Radiesse Lyft, can instantly restore the volume of the hands, masking the tendons and bones of the back of the hands. The procedure is relatively painless, the effect is noticeable immediately, and results are saved for up to 1 year.

Protruding veins

The aging process leads to loss of adipose tissue and darkening of the veins, which makes them very noticeable. This problem is often called grandmother’s hands, when on the back storageplease unsightly spider veins.

The best procedure

  • Sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a simple, nonsurgical treatment that allows you to quickly bring the hands in order. During the procedure, a special solution is used which is introduced into the clearly visible veins on the hands, causing them to close. Without blood flow eventually veins become invisible. Sclerotherapy is considered a safe method, as it eliminates not only a functioning vein.