In his chest a strange heart beats: Patrick owes his life to a dead

Patrick Swietlik from Konz-Oberemmel is 47 years old. The native of Trier is still alive, he owes people he doesn’t know. Because of the former winemakers of the heart is an organ donor in. In the best case, the new heart decades gives him. Without the Organ, he probably would be dead already. Thus, Swietlik has luck, because the organ donors in Germany, numbers are declining. To show how important such donations are, told Swietlik its history.

Bad news is that in 2016 it will catch on. Until then, the Oberemmeler is rumgeturnt as a wine grower “in the vineyard”, with no problems. Bicycle tours and performances with his Band are part of his everyday life. But one Morning in February, the then-45-Year-old hardly breathe. Swietlik use his Asthma Spray – in vain. Then he falls asleep again. “In the afternoon I woke up,” he says. “The initial diagnosis from the doctor was: inflammation of the lungs.” Some of the Tests in the Saarburger hospital promote, but something far worse light: A heart valve does not close properly. The Organ pump, only 35 percent of power blood through the body. Swietliks life is on the head.

At first he thought that it could just go on and on, telling the 47-Year-old. But then he was faced with a cardiologist gruff with the truth: A new heart valve must. “I thought the spiders all,” says Swietlik. He had first laid laminate in his weekend house. “It was about the will.” The pain will be greater. Eventually, water in the lungs. He takes pills, and may in the middle of drink in the summer, only a Liter of water a day. “How little this is, one only, when you have to stick to it,” he says. However, the drainage is only the beginning. After an eight-week Odyssey through the hospitals, at the end of his own heart no longer beats alone begins.

SURGERY with follow Doctors in the brothers of the hospital, cutting his chest and give him a pacemaker a. Shortly after the procedure, Swietlik gets a headache, and later pain in the whole body. The new diagnosis: thrombosis in the brain. The Oberemmeler needs in the University hospital in Heidelberg. “Finally, someone in the helicopter to fly”, he thought. “But I couldn’t see anything.” The whole flight, he must be. “They gave me a lot of medication, the most outrageous drug,” he says. In Heidelberg, he had understood no sound because of the Baden dialect and even tried to speak English with the Doctors and nurses. Out of desperation, he had rioted. The hospital staff to keep him quiet.

Artificial pump Quickly, it is clear that Swietliks heart is has. The young man is treated for ten days into an artificial coma. The doctors put him in a so-called Berlin Heart. The device pumps instead of the heart, the blood through his body. Two of the heart chambers made of stainless steel and rubber to keep the patient from Oberemmel on life. “It was very scary, when I woke up,” says Swietlik.

When he wakes up, weighs 1.80 meters tall man down to 59 kg prior to the disease, there were 80. For this, he from now on always 18 kilograms of heavy Luggage. His Machine weighs twelve pounds, the Trolley is six. Alternatively, he transported the life-support device in a backpack. The machine that is replaced every two months by a fresh-maintained copy, and accompanied him for almost two years. Sometimes Swietlik car or riding a bike, although he is not supposed to do that with the device. Once he had even played a concert at the winery of a friend, he says. For the first Time, he needs there during a gig a break. The machine is a part of his everyday life, the Alternative would be, finally, of death: “Without you, I would have had three minutes to live!”

70 bed neighbors From September 2017 will begin the most strenuous time for the Oberemmeler. He comes back to the hospital to Heidelberg and is waiting for a donor heart. Only at the 20. June 2018, he will have to leave the house again. 70 bed neighbors Swietlik counts until then. “You learn bad people,” he says. Many complained bitterly because of trifles. The Beeping of machines, the bustle of nurses and Doctors, performing to its limits. “I was only allowed out of the clinic if I have given several phone numbers and within ten minutes back could be,” he says. In the hospital he learns how to play a Ukulele.

Happy End after all it is so far: 3. May 2018 three sisters to him. “A heart is there,” they say. First he had remained cool. “To me, it’s become bad,” says Swietlik. After two and a half hours, it is clear that the donor heart fit. Again, Doctors Swietliks chest cut. Physically, he is, thanks to the artificial heart in a better condition than the first two interventions. Twelve hours later, the new heart beating in his chest.

Today Swietlik is happy that he is alive. “It’s almost like normal people, do not have much on it,” he says with a laugh. The 47-Year-old knows that he owes his life to a dead man. A Stranger, who gave him his heart. What would he say to him, if he could say thank you? “This is private,” he replies. In his gratitude he could not Express in a few sentences.

Info: As a Berlin Heart works

The Berlin Heart takes over the pumping function of the weakened heart. Since it is the circulatory function, the organs are better supplied with blood, and organ function can recover. This also means that the Patient is treated in a better physical condition, if a heart transplant is necessary.