In men older than 35 often born sick children

Men should have children before 35 years. Only in this way can significantly reduce the risk of the babies have birth defects.

If men want to become fathers, then they need to start to address this issue to 35 years. The study showed that only in this way can significantly reduce the risk of babies of birth defects or premature birth. After 45 years, this risk is greatly increased. For decades women were taught the idea that if they put career on first place, and having children later, then their kids can then have a serious problem with health. Women encouraged to give birth early. And now a reputable scientific study, which analyzed the health of more than 40 million children, showed that men also need a responsible approach to parenting and to do it early.

“Traditionally, scientists look at the factors of age and health of the mother, when assessing the risk of birth defects, says study author Professor Michael Eisenberg of Stanford University. But we managed to prove that the birth of a healthy child is a task group of parents, and father’s age is also of great importance to children’s health. When the father’s age of 35 years the risk of birth defects in the baby it just increases and after 40 and 50 it increases very sharply”.
Science has a logical explanation for this phenomenon. With every new year of a man’s life he accumulated two mutations in sperm DNA. Compared with children of fathers aged 25 to 34 years, babies born to men aged 35 to 44, 5% more often born prematurely or with low birth weight. Fathers older than 45 years the risk of getting their kids to the children’s intensive care unit increased by 14%. (READ MORE)