In sons of male smokers have less sperm

A study by researchers at Lund University (Sweden) have shown that sons of male smokers differ in a reduced number of sperm. The data obtained by specialists, published in the journal PLOS ONE.

Researchers examined semen samples of 104 young men of 17-20 years and found a link between Smoking men-fathers, and a lower concentration of sperm in their sons. This correlation was confirmed even when the experts took into account non-Smoking mothers and Smoking of the young people themselves.

“We are surprised because of how much it may affect the Smoking of the fathers on men’s health, even taking into account maternal Smoking,” said the authors of the project.
Experts recalled that unlike women’s eggs, male sex cells are capable of dividing throughout life, in the time division can occur mutations. Tobacco smoke contains substances that increase the probability of such mutations. If we consider that there is a connection between sperm count and chances of pregnancy, we can safely say that Smoking men affect your ability to have children in the future of their sons, the scientist said. They also draw attention to the fact that Smoking men – fathers can also lead to other serious abnormalities in the offspring – for example, malformations in children.

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