In the new year tuberculosis in Ukraine will start to heal in new ways

The problem of resistance of disease to antibiotics is a global character. One of the reasons for the spread of multi-drug resistant infections is considered to be an outdated system of TB treatment in hospitals. This week in Kiev was held a press-Breakfast, where the experts presented the results of a pilot project for ambulatory treatment of tuberculosis, which will take effect with the new year.

About 35,000 Ukrainians are living with TB, and every second is a carrier of this infectious disease. However, thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of health together with the Centre for public health, as well as public organizations, these numbers are gradually reduced, so the dynamics can be considered positive.

Victor Lyashko, first Deputy General Director of the Center gromadska health the Ministry of health of Ukraine presented a questionnaire that will help doctors to determine the degree of risk of the presence of tuberculosis in a patient, the results of which will determine the need for bakteriostaticheskogo genetically-molecularbiological. Drugs for genetic molecular diagnostics will appear in each of the hospital within the next year. The combination of these diagnostic methods will not only help to make a diagnosis within 48 hours, but also to determine the sensitivity of the disease to certain types of antibiotics, which is extremely important to select adequately treatment.

At the moment of the 100 patients with sensitive TB can be cured in 75 people and with the MDR 47. The problem that needs to be addressed first and foremost is to stop the spread of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in the TB clinic. It is therefore necessary to do everything to a TB patient as little as possible time spent in the hospital, where the possibility of re-infection is extremely high.

The patient was assigned adequate treatment, a maximum of 2 weeks becomes safe for the environment. Therefore, from the second half of next year the government plans to move on to the ambulatory model of TB treatment, as well as a Supplement of family physicians for successful outcomes, and the treatment of patients. This model of treatment has been already tested in Ukraine, and has demonstrated its efficiency cure 85% of patients with tuberculosis.

Viktor Tretyakov, head of Department on development of treatment programmes BO 100% of life spoke about the contribution of charitable organizations in the fight against tuberculosis, as well as plans for 2019:

The project brought участие2729 patients, mainly with sensitive TB. We took over the function of delivering drugs to the patient. This year we have expanded our activities and now are also patients with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. In 2019 we plan to cover more than 12,000 patients.

Andrey Alexandrin, head Peccini control in Ukraine, shared the success of the pilot project on TB treatment by family doctors:

Last year our organization with the financial support BO 100% of life was proprotional new model in Chernihiv and Zhytomyr region. Part prikalyvalo 100 patients, and the success of treatment was about 97%. This is a very high figure. To date, the model’s functioning in the Transcarpathian, Donetsk and Kirovograd areas where treated more than 450 patients.

The details told the TB doctor from Chernigov, Jeanne Karpenko, who was a participant of the pilot project:

The project was carried out in 9 localities, involving 12 patients. Treatment success was 100%. Health workers are the first line of the received additional payment for treatment of tuberculosis. They controlled every medication brought them home regularly conducted x-ray examination and sputum tests.

At the end of the press Breakfast of Yaroslav, which has successfully recovered from tuberculosis, told about the disadvantages of treatment in the TB clinic, which she felt, thus confirming the need for a speedy implementation of the new ambulatory model of TB treatment.